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Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids Michigan is no stranger to brewing up good beer.  Over the course of a calendar year the brewery pumps out some world-renowned stouts as well as a bounty of fantastic ales.  Pretty much every beer that comes from Founders becomes an instant favorite but the beer that I find myself going back to the most is their Porter.


Founders Porter is a magnificently roasty jet black beer that pours velvety smooth with a creamy head that doesn’t sit too heavy in the glass.  The beer itself has a rich malty flavor with plenty of balanced chocolate and coffee notes.  A mild bitterness and finishes out this brew and the light carbonation keeps the beer on the smooth and creamy side.  Founders Porter is not only a great beer to drink on its own but since the beer is so well-balanced it also pairs extremely well with food.  This might just be my favorite beer to drink alongside a steak or with a pot roast.  The relatively low ABV (6.5%) keeps the beer on the lighter side making it an easy drink that compliments rich heavy foods well.


There aren’t a lot of porters that really top Founders out there.  Sure I can think of a handful that would be respectable challengers to the Porter throne, but at the end of the day I have a real infatuation for a beer like this.  Founders Porter is great because of all the things its not. It manages to be well-balanced and flavorful without punching you in the mouth with any one particular flavor.  I think that there are really two ways to be a successful craft brewer.  The first is to be different and to pour something in my glass that makes think about what I just drank, dissect it, and ultimately render a verdict of good or bad.   The second is to simply make beers so well crafted that it’s virtually impossible to debate the merit of what you’re drinking.  Founders has a track record of doing both these things but their Porter is just a really damn good beer.  Founders Porter is one of their flagship beers, it’s available year round anywhere that gets Founders beers.  I know it’s easy to forget about year round offerings while on the never-ending quest to find the next great beer but I honestly think this beer should be a mainstay for any craft beer lover, especially in the colder months.  Founders Porter isn’t perfect, no beer is, but when I want a porter this is always the first beer I think of, and when I stray from it I often find myself wishing I had grabbed a six-pack of this beauty.


John Fahrner
Twitter: @fahrn13

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