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All Day IPA is a session ale brewed by the good people at Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids Michigan. There are many people credit this beer for popularizing the  style and leading the charge for the session ale trend.   A low ABV beer that you can drink all day and not wake up feeling like you were hit by a truck, what’s not to like?  All Day IPA also takes a lot of conventional bias’ head on.  First, although available both canned and bottled, even in Michigan I find this beer in cans far more often than I do in bottles.  Regardless on your preference of bottle or can it can’t really be argued that canning isn’t the norm for most craft breweries.  Second, since it’s a session the beer has a low ABV which seemingly turns people away from the style.  The idea that a session has to lack flavor because of a low ABV is simply ludicrous and All Day IPA is one of the best executions of a  session available.  What ever you do don’t let conventional ideology steer you away from this, or really any, beer.

IMG_2031 All Day IPA is a nice golden color brew with just a bit of haze when you pour it in a glass and has a nice pearly white head.  The beer has a very nice grassy and grapefruit aroma which lend to the overall light body of the beer.  The flavor on the beer is very hop forward with a nice sweet floral quality followed with citrus notes. All Day IPA balances everything out with a relatively dry finish that will leave a fairly distinct hop flavor lingering in the mouth after much like a lot of bigger IPA’s out there.  Saying that you want a “light beer” as a craft beer lover is probably something considered a sin. I don’t know that I agree with that statement but I do think if I see the word “light” on a label I’m not very likely to pick up a 6 pack of that beer.  The word light isn’t on the label anywhere for All Day IPA but this is an incredibly light beer, it really is designed to be a beer that you can drink all day.  This beer is incredibly diverse and pairs well with pretty much any food I can think of.  It’s not over powering, which is a good thing, it might not actually add a new detention to every meal, but it won’t detract from it either.


There aren’t a lot of beer’s that I really feel like are appropriate for any occasion, All Day IPA definitely is worthy of being an every day beer.  It works perfectly as a lawn mower beer, travels well for days on a lake or camping, is a perfect tailgate beer, or even a perfect beer for a random Tuesday when you just want to relax after work.  I can’t even remember how long I’ve been enjoying this beer, it’s been quite a while, but to this day I’ve never regretted ordering or buying All Day IPA.  Founders has a pretty solid reputation for making amazing beer, and rightfully so.  For a company that cranks out highly sought after gems like KBS I could see how it might be easy to overlook a standard offering like All Day IPA.  It’s good to know that as the companies top selling beer that All Day isn’t being overlooked.  As much as we all love their big stouts and high octane IPA’s All Day IPA might be their biggest achievement;  All Day IPA broke convention, inspired a trend, and revitalized a sessions making them popular once again.  This might not be my favorite beer brewed by Founders, but it definitely is a solid example of why Founders continues to be one of my favorite breweries and will continue to be a brew that I will drink any day, and sometimes all day.

John Fahrner
Twitter: @fahrn13

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