Fizzics – Beer Tool Review

Fizzics sent me one of their machines and I’m not returning it.

Grown men don’t get many happy surprises.  We go to work, we take care of our Fizzics on the porchloved ones, we drink beer.  Then we go back to work.  The arrival of a new beer tool from Fizzics broke this endless cycle and I was pumped.  I had heard about this device but was skeptical.  Was it worth the $169 list price?  Would it make my beer better?

I love tools, especially power tools.  Tools and beer do not mix however so this seemed weird.  Out of the box, on my bar it looked impressive however.  Every touch point has a design refinement that projects refinement.  The logo on the top of the handle and the rubber drip mat were a nice touch.

I actually read the directions. It was easy as it’s mostly pictures.  First up was to run the machine through a washing cycle.  It’s simple, you just put a glass of water in the chamber, close the latches and pull the handle – oh and don’t forget the receiving glass.fizzics cleaning up 2Fizzics cleaning up

Fizzics Beer Tool – The Process
1. Open chamber put beer can or bottle in bottom of chamber
2. Stick rubber tube into can or bottle
3. Close latches to chamber
4. Place receiving glass on rubber mat
5. Pull top handle
–  For Beer Body: Pull forward while holding glass at 45 degree angle
– Pause with handle in neutral position…..and then
– For Foam: Push handle back while holding glass upright

for 1/2 to 3/4 of glass then push backwards

Beer Test #1 – Milk Stout

Fizzics Round 1 milk stout
Now it was ready for a test with one of my favorite beer styles.  A Lacto-Matic from Flat12 Werks.  It’s a great beer, so what would this machine do to an already good beer?

I discovered there’s a learning curve with the pull handle.  I know this isn’t Rocket Surgery but it takes just the right timing to know when to push the handle backwards.  Too soon and you get a glass of beer head.  The backwards action creates the most intense beer head I’ve ever made – on purpose.

Fizzics learning curve

The Verdict:
Me: Created a creamy top that made for a fun brew
Wife: Beer was too flat. Process pulled too much carbonation from beer (to make beer head).

Beer Test #2 – Bad Beer
I grabbed a buddy beer from the fridge (Miller and I’m not proud of it).  This golden IMG_9725nectar was placed into the chamber.  I was getting better with the handle this time.
This could be interesting I thought.  What if this thing made bad beer good? For a true test my better half and I grabbed a second bottle that didn’t go through the Fizzics.  We compared the Fizzics Miller to a regular Miller.

Fizzics Miller in the hole


Fizzics 9731








The Verdict:
Me: The machine made a flat tasting beer even flatter.  Not good.
Wife: Why are you making me drink a Miller? I love that woman.

Beer Test #3 – Russian Imperial Stout
It was my buddy’s  idea (Wedding Beer Tony) to use Bells Brewing Expedition Stout.  It’s a beer that I love and drank on a regular basis.  Could the RISFizzics machine make a great beer even greater? I love to age this beer (100+ bottles with samples from every year since 2012).  A fresh beer of this type isn’t the best and can be harsh, so I grabbed a fresh one.  Would Fizzics soften the rough edges?
Tony came over ready for the test.  We placed the bottle in the chamber and pulled the handle.  Nothing happened! Nothing! Was the beer too thick?  Turns out I had failed to latch the chamber.  Seems the chamber with latches is much more than a gimmick.  It’s pressurized to the extent that beer does not flow unless the chamber is sealed. I corrected my error and pulled the handle – this time expertly for two half glasses.
The Verdict:
Me: The machine made a new RIS with rough edges taste like a well aged, complex beer. Wonderful.
Tony: Wow that’s a lot of head! It’s smooth I like it.

So here it is.  The Fizzics machine will look fantastic on your bar counter or kitchen counter.  It’s well made and has nice aesthetic touches.  It made a good beer frothy and interesting (milk stout) but did not make a bad beer good (Miller).  The results from the RIS however gives me pause.  It really softened the edges and made a fantastic beer even better.

Do you use a screw driver to drive a nail or a hammer to fasten a screw? Nope.  Every tool has it’s own unique purpose and the Fizzics is no different.  It’s a fun tool for the right type of beers.




From Fizzics:
Fizzics Press Release 2016


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