How to fill your bar with customers

How to fill your bar with customers?

Having a bar filled with customers is not the mission impossible, but it requires constant improvement because one of the most common things every successful bar has in common is great quality. It doesn’t matter if I am talking about the service, the menu, the interior or the entertainment, every aspect of your bar has to be the best. A satisfied customer can easily become the regular customer. If you want to improve your business, keep an eye on things that are very important to your customers.

Adjust the bar for your clients

Think about your today’s clients and new customers. Are they mostly businessmen who are relaxing after a busy day, are they young people looking a place to hang out or something third? Try to adjust the bar appearance to your customers which means if your bar is a place for business meetings, update the interior with elegant furniture like leather couches and wooden shelves. If your bar has more relaxed customers, replace the old benches with couches, chairs and coffee tables which are modern and colored with vibrant colors. The main focus of your interior should be the message you want to send to your customers.

Live Music

The best way to fill your bar with customers is to have live music few times a week. It can be Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday and you can have 3 different performers each day of the week. When you find that one performer or a band which suits your customers and your bar best, make them a regular part of your week. Live music helps people relax and when customers are relaxed, they are satisfied. The next day they will remember how much fun they had the night before and that means – they will return.

Host Holiday or Theme parties

There are so many holidays you can turn to your advantage. Host a Christmas party, Halloween party, Valentine’s Day party and you will definitely fill your bar. If you aren’t a fan of holiday parties you can always make Theme parties.  Now you must be thinking; “Hm, what can I host?” Star Wars party, Harry Potter party, Trivia night are only a few of numerous ideas you can come up with. Bonus tip: make a signature drink of each party and include the happy hour or at least some discounts for the customers.

Use game tables

Live music and parties are great choices for the night, but what can you do during the day? One of the best solutions for that are the game tables. Depending on the size of the bar you can have the foosball table, pool table, darts or even air hockey table. Every game table is a great anti-stress therapy and a therapy like that is great after a long busy day.

Improve your drink’s offer

Each day there are more and more craft beers around you and having them in the bar could catapult you on the map of every beer enthusiast in the area. Try to find great quality beers which aren’t that common for bars and the customers will come. Talk with your customers, get to know them and offer them drinks you think they would like. If you are right, you will impress them and they will definitely come back and they won’t be alone.

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