Enjoy By Series Beer Review


There’s no shortage of companies out there trying to do weird and cool things with their new beer releases and Stone Brewing Company is no exception to this trend. Over the last year, and more, we’ve seen Stone crank out mind bending golden stouts, hibiscus pale ales, chilli pepper porters, orange porters and a litany of IPA’s each one delicious and unique in its own way. I love that Stone puts themselves out there and brews all these aggressively off centered beers but the beers that really impress me and keep me a loyal Stone drinker is their limited release that comes out about 5 times a year, the Enjoy By series, a consistently delicious double IPA that changes slightly bottle by bottle but continues to be an exceptional brew with every instance of it’s release.


The enjoy by beers are pretty similar from batch to batch. They normally pour mildly hazy and with a crisp golden color that almost has a hue of orange to it. The beer practically explodes with hopped up freshness and is complemented with blasts of citrus, pine, and tropical fruits all of which lend to the exceptional freshness that has become a standard that stone has set for itself. My biggest reason for going back to these beers as much as possible boils down to the fact that for me these are just flat out enjoyable beers to experience. These beers usually land around 9-10% with their ABV so there more than respectable in that aspect. Since these bad boys typically show up in 22oz bottles they are great companions that have a built-in reminder of when it’s time to chill out and stop for the evening.


The best quality about this beer is something that’s been hinted at throughout this article, freshness. Stone brews beers for all walks of life. They have beers that are brewed to be cellared, beers that are meant to be drank fresh, and beers that can cross the streams and age beautifully while also being delicious fresh options. The enjoy by series is as implicit about being consumed fresh as any other beer I can think of. It makes for an interesting dynamic, a beer that flat out tells you “drink me now!!”. I appreciate that though, as someone who tends to buy random bottles of new beers that end up floating around my beer fridge, sometimes for months, it’s nice to know there’s something in that fridge that without question will be drank quickly. This coupled with the amazing consistency in a beer that continues to evolve makes for an exceptional experience with a limited release beer that is not going to stress you out to hunt down. I honestly don’t know if any other brewery has dedicated a release with freshness in mind quite to this extent but the quality of Stone’s Enjoy By series stands out and is certainly worth checking out the next time those dated green bottles find their way into your local liquor store.


John Fahrner
Twitter: @fahrn13

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