English Pub Beer – An American’s Opinion

Location: Darlington, England

So why did I drink 4 pints?  For one, I didn’t drive but mainly because the beer was fantastic.  It took a couple of pints to calibrate my American beer tastes.  On the 3rd pint I recognized what these guys were trying to do.  Only then could I appreciate their brilliance.  The flavors are subtle.  They rely heavily on things like local water characteristics and special yeasts.  If the beer was colder and carbonated I would not have been able to detect any of this.

I settled in and looked around to see what was on the local tv.  There were no TVs.

I asked the bartender for a menu.  He looked straight at me and decided to humor the lost American by holding up two different types of potato chips.  “You can order plain or vinegar and salt” he said.  No menu, no food.

I went to a place that served flat, warm low alcohol beer.  It had no tvs and no food.  I loved it.

btw – I carefully observed that English Pub beer did not violate Beer Rule #4
RULE #4 – no Corn no Rice




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