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The state of Oregon is home to some of the most well known breweries in the United States. Unfortunately for me the state still remains on my ever growing bucket list of states that I need to beercation in.   Luckily for me the good people at Tavour saw it fit to send a fantastic selection from Ecliptic Brewing to my home.  When I opened up this box I was immediately excited, I received an Imperial Red Ale, an Imperial Stout, and a Barleywine in 3 beautifully labeled bomber bottles.  3 styles of beer that I love all from a brewery that I hadn’t been exposed to as of yet.


After un-boxing these gems and putting them in the beer fridge to chill I decided it would be best to check out Ecliptic Brewing’s website and learn a little bit about the brewery.  Ecliptic Brewing is a brewing venture by John Harris, you might not know the name but I would be willing to bet you know some of his work.  The man was a brewer at a handful of different breweries and created recipes for such iconic beers as Deschutes Black Butte Porter and Full Sails Brewmasters Reserve line of beers.  Ecliptic Brewing is the next phase of John Harris’ career, it combines his passion for brewing and astronomy in an extremely enjoyable way.

Now onto the beer!


IMG_4745I have a real love affair with Red Ales, they were one of the first styles of craft beer that I really fell in love with.  So when I opened my box from Tavour I was thrilled when I realized that an Imperial Red was the first brew out of the box.  Deimos is an Imperial Red Ale that pours deep amber with a light beige head. As soon as I opened the bottle I picked up a very pleasant citrus aroma that complements the caramel malts used to brew Deimos. The beer is well-balanced and has a respectable body that isn’t overly dense. Roasty flavors are balanced out the brew nicely by and the citrus and caramel notes sweeten the beer rounding out a very enjoyable beverage. Additionally Deimos is not super hoppy, which is good.  A red ale should be more on the malty side so the hops in the beer being tamed by its malt works perfectly for me.  



IMG_4754Next up is Oort, and Imperial Stout that pours black with a fairly minimal cream-colored head that dissipated quickly.  The aroma from this stout is a little bit of a boozy nose with hints of dried fruit and a pleasant chocolate scent.  Oort has a very well-balanced out malty body that highlights it’s roasty flavors and glorifies the chocolate in the beer with a suitableness of dried fruit flavor peaking through.  Oort drinks pretty smooth too keeping the  8.5% ABV in check making the beer enjoyable and easy to drink.  Everything about Oort screams “PAIR ME UP WITH A BROWNIE AND SOME ICE CREAM!” Oort’s chocolate flavors are prominent and build as you go through the glass, pairing that up with a decadent desert would be a home-run for sure. 

Orange Giant

FullSizeRender (11)Last up we have Orange Giant, a big malty Barleywine that peaked my curiosity from the moment I looked at the vibrant orange giant on it’s label. As expected this brew pours a deep orange body with a off white head.  Orange Giant is super malty and loaded with citrus and chased with subtle vanilla flavor balancing everything out and making the beer sweet but not abrasive.  Orange Giant is a mellow barleywine that does a great job of warming the belly and aiding in a relaxing night.  Orange  Giant was definitely my favorite beer in this selection.  Barleywine is one of those beer styles that, in my opinion, is typically either hit or miss.  Orange Giant is a hit, big time.   I just wish I had another bottle or two to add to my cellar.

How long does it take to get to know a breweries style? I guess that’s something that would probably vary quite a bit from brewery to brewery.  In the 3 bottles I got the joy of sampling from Ecliptic I came a way very impressed.  I’m big on beers being well balanced, making sure that no one flavor overtakes another too aggressively.  Each one of these beers executes it’s balancing act extremely well and each brew was more enjoyable than the last.  As mentioned earlier Oregon is a state that I would like to plan a trip to just to brewery hop. After sampling a couple bottle from Ecliptic I can honestly say that Ecliptic has skyrocketed to the top of my Oregon brewery bucket list.





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