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From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

I’ve been accused within my beer circles of trying too hard to  like Belgian beer.  I admit it hasn’t come easy.  I also admit after drinking a super dark super strong Russian Imperial Stout that a light and tangy Belgian demands a “pinkies up” approach. That said I have a special place in my heart for Duvel.

Duvel 2

Two Years Ago………..I was on a business trip in Holland.  I had just finished a bowl of mustard soup – no kidding.  Having finished my first forgettable beer, I asked my local business partner to recommend something else.  He suggested Duvel.  It arrived in a tulip style glass, a presentation that honestly did not appeal to me at the time.  I wanted a strong local beer and the glass suggested this experience might be something akin to champagne – how wrong I was.  I drank it, liked it and the flavor has forever entwined itself with the the fond memories I had with that region of the world.

Last night ………..So I cracked open that huge Duvel bottle I’ve had sitting in my cellar since forever ago.  Poured it into the wrong glass and immediately recognized this is a super carbonated beverage.  Once it settled down, I was overwhelmed with the aroma – so unique and nuanced! I couldn’t stop smelling it. Now for the record, Duvel has all that spicy tangy flavor that you expect from a top shelf Belgian but its balanced, it is not overwhelming.  I would consider it a gateway Belgian for newbies because it offers that Belgian style but is so incredibly balanced ie. It’s not so “Belgian” that you grimace upon your first sip.  Rather it has a wonderfully unique flavor and aroma that is all Duvel and just happens to be made in Belgium.  It has nice body and is a bit high on the abv.

Bottom line: I like this beer.  I might drink it in a fancy inappropriate glass with my pinky in the air but I’m going to enjoy every sip nonetheless.

Duvel 1

ABV 8.5%
Calories 255

No soup for you!


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