Drinking Beer the Hard Way

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Recently, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) – you may know them as the parent company of Goose Island Brewery and Elysian Brewing, began running ads that championed their status as a macro-brew and claiming that while craft brew junkies (like the ones that drink Goose Island) are busy fussing over their beer, Bud is doing it the “hard way.” Apparently, they feel that craft brew enthusiasts (like those that enjoy Elysian), can go ahead and “enjoy their pumpkin-peach ale” while Bud continues to make their same product they have made since 1876 (if you don’t count beers made by Elysian, who happen to brew a peach pumpkin amber ale.)


I say, “You tell ‘em Budweiser!”

The idea of purchasing craft beer is like going to a restaurant and having them offer you a burger made with grass-fed beef and cooked by a real chef who dares to use seasonings and fancy herbs. No thanks. Why would anyone do that when a McDonald’s is right down the street? McDonald’s is a macro burger company – they make burgers the hard way.


The whole idea of buying craft beer reminds me of a time when I went to Kansas City. While in KC, someone tried to take me to several local BBQ joints. I said, “Why? There is a Famous Dave’s down the street!” See, Famous Dave’s is more macro. They hire countless cooks that have no prior training cooking BBQ – that is making BBQ the hard way!

During Thanksgiving, my family had the audacity to try to force-feed me an entire turkey dinner made from scratch! Can you believe that? Swanson’s has been mass-producing entire turkey dinners for years! They can have their garlic-lemon-herb turkey and apple-sage dressing. I want my turkey the hard way – prepackaged with additives and tons of preservatives!


Next thing you know, someone might suggest to me that I head down to Mexico for Mexican food when I have Taco Bell right next door. Can you imagine?


Nothing says you care about brewing more than doing things the hard way. When people start to enjoy a product (like craft beer), you do what any noble, caring, company does – you go out and you buy one of those craft-beer companies! So now, to honor you, I will drink a Goose Island Oktoberfest because it is brewed with a hint of apricot – the hard way.


Meanwhile, Anheuser-Busch…

Ignore Slate Magazine’s article criticizing your ad!

Ignore Fortune Magazine’s assertion that your ad misfired!

Ignore the craft brew response (rebuttal video)!

Kudos to you, Anheuser-Busch!  Your sales are declining, but you are losing business the honorable way, the hard way — by pissing off people who enjoy beer and buying brewers that make the type of beer you denounce. Good for you!


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Writer, beer lover, and sports aficionado.


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Mathew Powers

Mathew Powers

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Mathew Powers

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