Doom Imperial IPA by Founders Brewing – Beer Review

Doom Imperial IPA by Founders Brewing – Beer Review
Doom is the third release of the Founders barrel aged series. This is an interesting beer, because it has some history. Doom was first being served as a taproom-only feature, and then hit shelves in 2013 as part of the brewery’s Backstage Series. My love for craft beer was in its infancy back in 2013 so you know I did not get to try it back then. To say I was excited for this release is an understatement. I know the Founders distribution schedule in my area, so I picked up a four-pack a couple hours  after they arrived at my local bottle shop.
The bottles I picked up had not been chilled so I knew I was going to have to wait a bit. So I decided to refrigerate them for 24 hours. The refrigeration was key because this beer’s flavor profile changes with temperature. I poured the bottle into one of my Founder’s pint glass. Doom pours a deep amber with a tan/off-white head that fades into a bubble cap with minimal lacing. The aroma is complex with notes of caramel, vanilla and bourbon, which are quickly followed up by the pine, citrus and hoppy bitterness associated with an imperial IPA. The taste changes as the beer warms. Straight from the refrigerator, the barrel aging is less prominent and the citrus and bitterness from the hops. As the beer warms, the barrel aging comes forward and you get a deep oak, malt, vanilla and bourbon booziness. The mouthfeel is smooth since there is almost no carbonation and with a 12.4% ABV there is almost no burn. This beer is dangerous because it goes down so smoothly.
Overall, I was really happy with this release (or should I say re-release). I have seen that Founders is not recommending cellaring this one. However, with the high ABV I am not too concerned.  I am going to age two bottles to see how the flavor profile changes. I can’t wait to see what Founders has in store for the remaining releases.

Style: Imperial IPA aged in bourbon barrels
Package: 12 oz Bottle
ABV: 12.4 %

Feel free to let me what you think. Until next time, Cheers!

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