Crack A Beer….. And Watch 30 Rock

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It’s no secret that having a beer makes the stuff you love even better. Except if you like using a chain saw. Please don’t drink and do that. So this is a thing where the people who write at can talk about what we love to do while having the single greatest drink in the world.

Oh 30 Rock. You minx. How I love you.

Now, in case you didn’t know 30 Rock was a comedy with moderate ratings that ran on NBC from 2006 to 2013. Why didn’t it ever reach the ratings of, say, Seinfeld? I have no clue. For one, I am not a scientist. And secondly I have no idea why humanity would rather dedicate their time to watching Two and a Half Men and not watching the funniest, smartest and most subversive comedy of all time.

That is right. I said, “all time.”


You know why? Because it was just the best. It didn’t rely on the easy stuff like being vulgar for vulgar’s sake. It didn’t get overly preachy or political. It just smartly, deftly and more importantly, hilariously reflected the culture of society at that time. And it did it with a whimsical style and wink to the audience. It never explained itself. It gave its viewers the dignity that they are smart enough to get the joke.

And the reason is pretty easy to pinpoint. Tina Fey. Tina Fey is an amazingly adept writer, and it turns out show runner. The character she played of Liz Lemon was all of us. We have all felt left out, awkward and judged. And yet we look at her and feel like she is attractive and funny and principled. In essence, we are hard on ourselves in ways other people aren’t. It is incredibly insightful and smart and funny and why aren’t you watching it? It’s on Netflix for crying out loud. You don’t have Netflix? What? Are you from a long-gone, simpler time known as 1994?

So here is my advice. Grab your favorite beer. Open it. And watch 30 Rock. Revel in Liz, Jenna, Tracy and Jack. (Oh yeah. I didn’t even mention how insanely great Alec Baldwin is as Tina Fey’s boss. The fact that he never got an Emmy is criminal.) Because a show like this comes along once in a lifetime. And you don’t want to have that sort of regret.



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