Crack a Beer and Turn Off Your TV

Tv is great and serves as a wonderful distraction to life in general and many times that pairs well with beer.  That’s all fine and good but to really allow a beer to reach it’s full potential I think you have to turn the tv off.  The endless barrage of movies on demand, streaming, youtube, and vine clips can take a hike. I don’t care about the new Star Wars trailer at the end of a hard day I want nothing more than to crack open a nice roasty porter and turn on some Sam Cooke and have a truly relaxing experience.   Take away the constant overstimulation crack a beer and learn to relax with any beer’s best friend, music.


When I get home after working an 8+ hour day the last thing I want to is turn on the boob tube and watch the news to reminded of all the horrible things humanity is capable of.  No I would much rather crack a nice malty and roasty porter or stout and turn up so soulful tunes from a legend like Sam Cooke.  Even when singing songs about being down on his luck this guy had a way of expressing feelings without bumming out anyone trying to enjoy his art.  The man had soul and expressed it through layers of deep and spiritual music.  A good stout will have different layers to it as well, as the beer changes temperature new aromas and flavors are brought out as you take a journey from the start of a bottle the the end of your glass.  Music with soul accompanies this with fluidity and grace, takes you through highs and lows and leaves you in a good place, a better place than when you started.


If a you’re in recovery mode after a day that faced more trials and tribulations than one should have to experience in an average day simply turn to the Man in Black.   Johnny Cash understands your frustrations and with his mountain of a voice and legendary guitar work breaks them down and leaves you a stronger person.  Crack open your favorite IPA pour it in a glass and let the aromatic bitterness wash away your boss and any other stressors from your day.  Cash not only had a way of expressing the common man’s frustrations but also is a calming influence.  Johnny Cash is one of my longest running musical influences in my life, I don’t know exactly when I started listening to the man but I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t a fan.  Now that I’m an adult, and that thanks to digital music, music has become so infinitely portable I can’t envision many things more relaxing than Johnny Cash, a bonfire and a few bottles of Two Hearted Ale.


Music doesn’t always have to be just to calm down and relax either, it’s a much better option to wake up and get an evening going than watching reruns of Friends on TBS. Crack a beer and crank up The Stooges. Iggy Pop is a mad man, completely care free and uninhibited and will destroy your palate right along with any beer.  But he keeps you moving, get’s you out of your chair and doing other menial tasks like cleaning up the house or making dinner.  Rock music makes beer fun to drink, and sure it might lead to the occasional overindulgence but that’s life, let it happen.  This doesn’t mean you need to get all riled up and head into your child’s room and smash every piece of Taylor Swift merchandise (however, if you do that please send me video) but you don’t need to plop down on the couch and sink into reality tv and bad dramedies either.

I’m not writing this to say that tv is bad; quite the opposite and admit there are certain shows that the world stops and everyone in my house sits down and watches too.  Still more and more I find myself appreciating the little things in life, the simple pleasures that don’t require instant debate and banter about fictional characters that recreate tragedy, drama, or comedy.  I think if you let your mind turn off from the data overload of life and enjoy the little things like a quality beer and some good tunes those little things are amplified and made even better and justifies all the nonsense that we put up with working 9-5 jobs and toiling to support products that we might or might not even like.

John Fahrner
Twitter: @fahrn13

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