Cellaring and Aging Beer – Updated Pics

So you might think the wine guys are the only ones that age their stash.  Nope, beer geeks do too.  I was excited to do this myself last year after I made a wine cellar in my basement.  It was a big project, but I had hundreds of websites to help guide me.  When I decided to store beer however, there was frightfully little help.  This page has been created to help the cause.  This is a journey and I’m still learning.


Beer Aging – Conditions 1. Dark The UV in sunlight will alter the hops giving you that “skunky” smell. 2. Cold Some folks mistakenly believe thermal cycling makes a beer taste skunky, not so (it’s UV light, read above).  It is however good practice to maintain a constant temperature.  If that constant temperature is colder than room temperature that’s even better.  Cold temps will slow down some of the yeast activity and prevent spoilage.  I target 50-58 degrees F, I believe others do as well…. Check out Beer Aging from Dogfish Head  3. Hidden If you can see it, you will drink it.  Find a hidey hole and use it. Here’s my suggestion for hiding beer like a squirrel  Bell’s Expedition Stout 

4. Upright We store wine sideways because it has a cork which allows subtle elements to pass through it, allowing it to age gracefully.  Beer has a hard hat on, the only thing it will do is rust.  Store ’em upright. IMG_8129

Beer Aging – Types 1. High alcohol.  I personally choose beers with an ABV > 6% 2. Low in Hops.  Beers with a lot of hops are not ideal for aging. Hops are delicate flowers (literally) and they breakdown.  After the hops degenerate you’re left with flat malt and alcohol flavors.  I’m told that there are exceptions such as Dogfish head 120 and Hopslam.

 Hey! I completely finished the cellar, here’s some pics.
Trust me this room is locked
Trust me this room is locked
  I still have room for your donations

I still have room for your donations


Updated Pics (after some shopping)


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  1. Thanks very interesting and useful: worth remembering some beers such as Belgian lambics/geuezes are corked and thus need to be stored sideways; they also be tend to be lower in alcohol at a 5.5%-7.5% mark, so it’s not a one-sized fits-all approach. They do, however, age beautifully when done carefully.


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