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#BCBS 2016

#BCBS 2016 In Pictures

Love it or hate it, The Black Friday release of Goose Island Beer Company’s Bourbon County Brand Stout (BCBS) is a monster event in Chicago, as well as the rest of the nation. Some deplore it because it represents AbInBev’s successful encroachment on American craft. Others, notably in Chicago, love the BCBS release for its history and influence on American Craft Beer. Meanwhile, many could care less about anything beyond the fact that BCBS tastes fantastic. Regardless of how anyone feels, BCBS Black Friday release…

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Fizzics – Beer Tool Review

Fizzics sent me one of their machines and I’m not returning it. Grown men don’t get many happy surprises.  We go to work, we take care of our loved ones, we drink beer.  Then we go back to work.  The arrival of a new beer tool from Fizzics broke this endless cycle and I was pumped.  I had heard about this device but was skeptical.  Was it worth the $169 list price?  Would it make my beer better? I love tools, especially power tools.  Tools…

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Vermont Brewery Tour

Vermont is truly a wonderful state.  Endless green mountains, pristine country views,  rolling rivers, and of course beer.  As if this state does not already have enough positives, it is additionally home to some of the, if not the best, craft beer in the country.  With breweries such as The Alchemist, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, and Hill Farmstead, this state attracts beer lovers from all over the country and sends beer geeks scurrying to snatch up beers such as Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine. While I am lucky…

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Summer Beer Fest 2016

It’s that time of year, the time of year in which the days are longer the sun is hotter and the beer festivals are beer festing. Starting on Friday July 22nd the 19th annual Michigan Summer beer festival will kick off in Riverside Park in Ypsilanti Michigan.  Hosted by the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Fest will host over 100 Michigan breweries, thousands of Michigan beers and also highlight local foods and local musicians all for the love of craft beer. We had some time…

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Sommbeer’s 10 Favorite Breweries on Instagram!

People love pictures, and one of the things that people love to take pictures of is beer.  Once you take those pictures what do you do?  Why you share those pictures on social media of course.  A while back Mathew Powers took a look at the phenomenon of beer porn focusing primarily on the craft beer drinkers and their love of fantastic beer photos.  But what about breweries?  There is no debate that  Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks on the planet so of…

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Beer tap handle display for DIY home bar

How to Build a Beer Tap Display – DIY Home Bar

How to build a beer tap handle display for your home bar. I bought 11 beer tap handles a few weeks ago.  I honestly don’t know how to start this article any other way.  I met a trader, (The Beer Sign Guy) that I found from a Google search, for a couple of beer signs and he rolled out 3 tubs of beer tap handles.  Every single tap handle he pulled out of those Rubbermaid tubs seemed to hold some special meaning to me.  It didn’t…

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Hendrix Keg – This Isn’t Your College Keg

My brother and I have built stuff together all our lives.  What else are two youngsters supposed to do after they are busted for watching T.V. and sent to their room; which they share?  Well, I’ll tell you, you dump out the giant tub of Legos and start snapping together a spacecraft with rocket boosters, aerodynamic wings, and a landing station on the top bunk; I mean the moon.  Yea, this became our nature.  Out in the sand box we would wet down the sand…

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Cider: A Sticky Mess

I am an attorney and I represent brewers, distillers, wineries, and others in allied industries.  I got involved in this area of law because I love the industry and the people in it.  It’s incredibly fun to even be tangentially involved in the business. Here’s my office wall (and much more to join it soon): As part of the job, I give a lot of presentations and I recently presented to a room full of cider and wine producers about some of the complexities and inconsistencies…

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Tavour Delivers – Port City Brewing

Tavour Delivers – Port City Brewing from Alexandria Virginia      The Service I have a really hard time forcing myself to try new beers.  I can’t do random.  As a result, I appreciate it when someone with the same beer passion as me decides what I will drink.  The selections, no matter how carefully thought out, are from my perspective – random.  The folks at Tavour did just that.  Normally their service delivers beer that a customer selects over the course of a month.…

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