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Homebrew Day Hacks: Time Saving Tips to Shorten Your Brew Day

Homebrew Day Hacks: Time saving tips to shorten your brew day. Like many homebrewers I am frequently challenged to find time to brew. Work, family and even other hobbies demands our time, so when we brew we usually need to be efficient at it. With that in mind, here are some ideas for “hacking” your brew day plans and processes to shorten the time commitment. Stage Your Brew Day Probably the most effective way for me to shorten my brew day is to stage my…

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Things I wish someone had told me when I first started homebrewing

Things I wish someone had told me when I first started homebrewing I’m closing in on a decade of brewing my own beer. Over that time I’ve made lots of mistakes, learned many new things and refined my processes all in an effort to make better beer. That learning and process improvement challenge is a big part of why I homebrew. To shorten my fellow homebrewers learning curve, here are some of my learnings I wish others had shared with me. Cleaning & Sanitizing We…

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Build Your Own Counter-pressure Bottle Filler! UPDATED

I'm a college professor with expertise in biochemistry who gave up doing 'hardcore' biochemistry for brewing science research a few years back. Now I study yeast metabolism and sugar mobilization in malt. Working with students, we have been able to present our findings at professional conferences like the World Brewing Congress and American Society of Brewing Chemists annual meetings. Introducing students to the science behind beer is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

Outside of my "professional" life, I'm a BJCP certified judge, I bike and ski everywhere at every chance I get, and after a day of that, love chilling on the couch with my 2 dogs and 1 cat.

I also salve my need for intellectual challenge by designing and building fun brewing related projects, the best of which is my 100% solar powered brewing setup. #NerdAlert.

UPDATE 10/19/18: Added a line schematic (below) to help with DIY assembly. Of late, I have been bottling a lot of beer for friends. That probably has something to do with the fact that I have been running a serial repitch experiment at work that is turning out 30 gallons of beer every couple of weeks. Now, I have a strong liver and all, but… there’s no way I can deal with that much volume. And, while the beer is free, I still can’t bring…

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How to Homebrew Beer like a Chef

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Greg Scratchley (Twitter: @ryskbrewing) is a homebrewer and future pro-brewer in Edmonton Canada, currently working on a media project to entertain and educate craft beer lovers.Rysk Brewing Co. is a work in progress, and will one day serve cold beer legally brewed in big stainless steel buckets. Until then, Greg creates media and beer in varying quantities. Learn about the project at
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Beer recipes are as common as brewers, and each recipe you find, if brewed more than once, is probably very tasty to someone. Many homebrewers go through a homebrew career having never created a recipe. I’m here to tell you – it’s a worthwhile endeavor. When considering the next beer for my pipeline, I follow a fairly consistent plan. What’s for supper?  Brewing is cooking. A recipe is just that – but you can probably handle more than a few meals without the book right?…

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Grow Local Drink Local

I am a lover of craft beer not just for the beer itself, but of the community that comes with it and am fascinated by the constant evolution of the industry. I am fortunate enough to live in Western Massachusetts which has an exploding beer scene and a booming craft beer community.Additionally, I am an avid homebrewer and love to experiment with not just tasting new brews but trying to make them all while writing about my exploits.

It’s common to hear people talking about drinking “local beer,” but does anyone ever drink truly local beer?   While one frequently sees “Local Farms, Local Food” stickers, “local beer” stickers have yet to make an appearance.  Most malt still comes from a handful of major mid-west malt houses while it is rare to find locally grown hops. Thankfully, this is rapidly changing. So what is the definition of a local beer or drinking local?   Is it having a pint that is made locally…

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Homebrewing Gadgets: Grain Mill

Homebrewing couple who love all things beer related.We take our beer serious, but that's about it.

Introduction Hello everyone.  For this next article, I wanted to touch upon something that we (me and my co-brewer, a.k.a. “The Wife”; aka “The Brains”; aka “The Boss”) didn’t have to begin with and had to purchase. If you brew beer, I am sure you ran into brewery purchase overload like I did in the beginning. There are just so many gadgets related to brewing out there on the market. From brewing systems to kegging systems, it was overwhelming. I found myself building a complete…

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Brewing and Blogging in The True North

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I enjoy supporting local beer and breweries.
John Fahrner

5 Brothers Brewing Review – OUT OF BUSINESS Many great things hail from Canada; hockey, poutine, and now 5 Brothers Brewing a charming blog chronicling one Canadian medical professional’s journey and passion for craft beer and home brewing.   5 Brothers Brewing is a wonderful adventure into the discover of all aspects of craft beer,  from recommendations on beer, social media sites to follow, and even recommendations of other blogs to read.  Sam, the author of 5 Brothers Brewing, makes sure to take the time to properly…

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