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Grow Local Drink Local

It’s common to hear people talking about drinking “local beer,” but does anyone ever drink truly local beer?   While one frequently sees “Local Farms, Local Food” stickers, “local beer” stickers have yet to make an appearance.  Most malt still comes from a handful of major mid-west malt houses while it is rare to find locally grown hops. Thankfully, this is rapidly changing. So what is the definition of a local beer or drinking local?   Is it having a pint that is made locally…

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Homebrewing Gadgets: Grain Mill

Introduction Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed the last rendition of Homebrewing Gadgets (Rubbermaid 1 Gallon Bouncer). For the next article, I wanted to touch upon something that we (me and my co-brewer, a.k.a. “The Wife”; aka “The Brains”; aka “The Boss”) didn’t have to begin with and had to purchase. If you brew beer, I am sure you ran into brewery purchase overload like I did in the beginning. There are just so many gadgets related to brewing out there on the market. From…

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Brewing and Blogging in The True North

Many great things hail from Canada; hockey, poutine, and now 5 Brothers Brewing a charming blog chronicling one Canadian medical professional’s journey and passion for craft beer and home brewing.   5 Brothers Brewing is a wonderful adventure into the discover of all aspects of craft beer,  from recommendations on beer, social media sites to follow, and even recommendations of other blogs to read.  Sam, the author of 5 Brothers Brewing, makes sure to take the time to properly craft his own opinions, curiosities and success’ on…

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