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Why I stopped Going to the Bar

My first job out of college was brutal. I was a corporate trainer and had to support 16 plant locations all over the USA. My home was the airport, hotel and bar. My bar time, wasn’t all about drinking my home sickness away.  Nope, I gravitated to the bar or “bar area” in restaurants when travelling because of a little secret I learned from extensive travel. You get the best service when you sit at the bar. Sure it meant eating a steak with it…

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The importance of brewery branding

The Importance of Brewery Branding

The business plan is mapped out, the building is leased, and the bar supplies are all set to stock your brewery …but something is missing. The beer has no identity, no defining feature. The brewery doesn’t have a brand! There are so many benefits to establishing a strong brand for a brewery. Having a label and vibe that’s easily recognizable encourages customer loyalty and creates a sense of local pride. Taking the time to develop a unique brand can also reflect the care that’s put…

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How to Make a Beer Cellar

In an earlier post, I wrote about beer cellaring and all the wonders that hobby has to offer. If you think that KBS is delicious today you will not believe how much it improves after 3 years. For even more advice read the Art of Cellaring Beer by Rod Jones. Now that the world is downloading and playing with the Sommbeer App, I thought it would be fun to write about how I made my beer cellar. The timing seems right as our app was…

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