Can Epic Brewing out-epic its own namesake? Possibly.

Epic Brewing Company opened its doors to the Denver public on September 28, 2013. Their original brewery opened in Utah in 2008. Have you heard the story yet? The long and short of it goes Utah law made opening a brewery in Denver very attractive for a number of reasons. Google can provide a more in-depth explanation. I’m not one to repeat the internet; I’m just the voice of us drunken wanderers of the world.

epic-brewing-outsideTheir building is in the budding RiNo (River North) neighborhood of Denver, a burgeoning craft beer neighborhood. The block was a barren lifeless industrial looking area that most people normally wouldn’t travel unless they were grievously lost or had been on the wrong side of a bet. Now it’s a hotbed for businesses of all sorts and is quickly becoming the “it” neighborhood of the city.

The building, which I’m going to assume was refurbished and not built from the ground up, is a bright, shiny beacon of deliciousness. Walking through the glass door, I was greeted by a room full of beer enthusiasts grouped around tables, couches and the bar. A line of 25 taps ran the distance of the bar with each tap being unmarked and identical to its neighbors. Beyond the tap-room, any home brew fan would have to clutch their heart while overlooking a large majority of the brewing operation in all of its open-air glory. A bar height table filled the gap between the bar and the exterior wall allowing those who felt so inclined to drool over the hardware.

Epic-beersFinally, after ogling all the eye candy, I chose their Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout on Nitro, Imperial Pumpkin porter and Brainless on Cherries. All were excellent beers. Brainless on Cherries may have been a bad third choice since the first two’s malts really ravaged my palate, but the crisp Belgian base and sharp cherry tartness was refreshing. We went on to have a couple pints of both the C02 and nitro Hopulent IPA just to compare. The nitro was smooth as Kenny G’s clarinet or whatever he plays, and the C02 version was excellent too. We sampled several others including something imperial, something with sage and something that was “Oaked and Smoked” but I stopped taking notes.

I’ve enjoyed watching the RiNo neighborhood grow up around Epic, and there are plenty of other spots to check out now, with more being added seemingly every time I go back. Whether you live here or are just visiting, it’s a must-visit part of Denver.

2 thoughts on “Can Epic Brewing out-epic its own namesake? Possibly.”

  1. Great read here Samuel. It’s fun to read about the local experience of a brewery like Epic that I’ve loved from afar. I came across their stout in a bomber by accident and couldn’t believe how good it was. I bought and aged two more bottles for 2-3 years.

    1. Hopefully you’ll make it out to Denver at some point and have one at the source! They do great work.


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