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It’s early February and in true Michigan form we have an idiotic amount of snow on the ground (about 13 inches) with more on the way.  On a positive note however, the Winter Olympics are on and the lousy weather sets the perfect stage to bunker down, have a few beers, and avoid going outside as much as possible.  There are many things you will need in order to properly hibernate and enjoy watching the worlds best athletes compete for gold.  At the top of the list should be a gold medal worthy beer to keep you nourished and engaged in all the events the Olympics have to offer! My beer of choice for the occasion is Buzz Blanket, a sweet milk stout made by  Drafting Table Brewing Co. in Wixom, Michigan.

Buzz Blanket robust and flavorful hitting you with coffee flavor right up front and then mellowing down with a rich and balanced sweetness to smooth out the beer.   Buzz Blanket is relatively mild for a stout, which is surprisingly nice, it pulls off a lighter body while still delivering on that warming richness that stouts are known for. Additionally the beer clocks in at a 7% ABV but really has minimal alcohol flavor to it, as long as you don’t have anywhere to go it is the kind of beer that could easily be enjoyed all day without hesitation.

I drink stouts year round, and I have been told that makes me weird, but during the winter months especially stouts and porters are always my go to beer selection.  Buzz Blanket checks off every bullet-point I look for on my imaginary list of what a good stout should be. This beer is extremely approachable and something that would be great to recommend for any beer drinker that likes dark beers while still being extremely satisfying for grizzled and bearded beer veterans.  I’ve been going to Drafting Table since the day they opened their doors and I would easily put Buzz Blanket in my top 3 beers that they have brewed thus far.  If you haven’t made it to Drafting Table yet and you’re in the area you really should check them out, Buzz Blanket is yet another accomplishment for the young brewery that will totally justify the trip!

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