Buddy Beer !

Buddy Beer:
Cheap beer that you hand out to your buddies (or in-laws).

The guys show up in your garage and stay awhile.  It’s your obligation to start handing out beers.  Do you give them $5 Belgian Lambics?  How about a cherished KBS, a stout so smooth it will make a grown man wait in line to get one (grown men don’t wait in lines).  The answer is no.  You give them something as cheap and available as water, you give them Buddy Beers.  Please note that Buddy Beer can violate almost all of the Beer Rules ie. twisty cap, light beer (still no fruit).

In Michigan we use the term “Hockey Beer” which is code for Buddy Beer.  Cheap, tasteless stuff in bottles and cans, sold by the case.

A buddy handed me the beer pictured here, during a snow storm. The Blue Moon was excellent, no koozy required. 


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