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I find myself tonight at Bucks County Brewery, supporting local business by supporting a local brewery. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and striking up a conversation about their brewery, which I enjoyed immensely. I love talking to other beer enthusiasts in general, but talking to an owner of a brewery and talking beer is where it really became fun. The owners are a real awesome couple that have a passion for beer, which is great and makes it all the more enjoyable. The style of beer that I think is most common for this brewery is English Style brews. Not that you can’t get others, but their inspiration is English Style. 

One of  their 2 growler sizes

I sampled a variety of their beers and I think my favorite of the night was the Peregrine India Pale Ale, and if you know me – I am not a fan of IPA’s. The awesome part about the night was learning about their beers and how they focused on each particular style of beer. In an IPA style of beer you usually have a “smack you in the face” sense with the bitterness from the hops.  Their IPA however was amazing. and had no bitterness to it. Andrew, one of the owners, explained this all to me and as soon as I tried it, I was shocked at how good it was. To me it almost felt like a dry hopped ale, which some breweries do to leave the bitterness out but they still want to add the hop flavor to the beer.

Peregrine IPA 8% and 73 IBU 

Then I explored some of their other beers, like their Irish Red style beer and their Mild style beer, which to be honest was the first time I ever had either style of beer. Mild May English Dark Mild was the Mild style, which was 3.7% ABV and was very drinkable. Then I tried a bottled version of the Irish Red, which was phenomenal as well as trying a bottled version of the Saison. This Saison is 7.2% and is made with Jalapenos, I thought that it would be too hot for my liking since Jalapenos are usually spicy. But I will tell you there was only a hint of heat and it was so smooth. The fruity profile was amazing. When drinking beers. usually it is so hard to go between so many different flavor profiles in beer.  What I had tonight, switching back and forth between different beers I had no problem picking up the flavors of them all. 

Bottled Saison with Jalapeno flavor 7.2% ABV

The thing that impressed me was their focus on using local products to brew their beers. Also I cannot wait to try some of their other beers like their pumpkin style or their Tripel Ale. Ok, I might have tried a sample of an oak barrel Tripel, which let me tell you it was amazing! Smooth banana flavor to this tripel that blended so well with the oak barrel.  The other beer that I am looking forward to trying was their, graham pumpkin style porter. I was told it had the chocolate flavor profile from a porter mixed with pumpkin and graham cracker crust almost. It’s like have a pumpkin pie with a chocolate graham cracker crust if that paints a picture for you. 

What was on TAP.

Outstanding hand-crafted beer using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Brewed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Striving for quality while honoring community. I took this from their website which I think helps someone understand this local brewery.  In addition to this they also brew green, so they try to limit their carbon footprint and they try to use as much as they can. They are committed to creating great craft beers with a minimum affect on the environment. Make sure if you get a chance to visit this local craft brewery and when you do say hello to Andrew and his wife. 

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