Bringing Beer Back From The Dead

It’s better to have drank and lost than to never have drank at all.  Have you ever come across a beer that was limited to a single batch and then went away?  Or how about a beer that a brewery decided that it was time to retire said brew.  Retirement of beers might not be the most common thing in the world but with all the limited edition beers, seasonal brews, special collaborations and whatnot you’re sure to find multiple  beer’s that are incredible and then poof, they’re gone. Of course there’s some beers that we wish would go away and stay gone, but if you could bring a beer back from the dead what would you’re choice be?


The first beer I thought of with this in mind was Bell’s Mars from the planet series. Mars was a big malty amber colored Imperial IPA that kicked off the planet series with a bang.  I loved everything about this beer, big hop flavors, intense malty aroma and just enough fruit flavor to sweeten the beer and make it really enjoyable.  I love what Bell’s has done with the Planet Series too. It’s a unique idea and has created quite the buzz in my local bottle shop every time a new bottle hits shelves.  There’s one more beer to come out still in the planet series, neptune, but it’ll be hard for Bell’s to top what they have accomplished with Mars.


Hex is another long lost brew that I thoroughly enjoyed that has been taken from us. Brewed by Magic Hat, a brewery that normally doesn’t overly impress me, Hex was a different take on the Oktoberfest beer.  Labeled as “Ourtoberfest” Hex was right up there with some of my other favorite fall beers.  A lighter beer but still malty and roasty tasting the brew was a great addition to a fall bonfire and was a  delicious pairing with a hearty bowl of chilli.


I’m sure there are plenty of other beers out there that people want to see reborn and brought back from the bowels of beer purgatory.  What beers do you miss and want to see come back? For that matter what beers were pulled from a brewery’s lineup that you’re glad to see die a timely death? Let us know! We want your feedback!

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One thought on “Bringing Beer Back From The Dead”

  1. No kidding I wish I could get a six pack of Pete’s Wicked Ale (I’m dating myself here) to see if it was as good as I remember.
    Also, Celis White from the original brewery in Texas. It was the best Beldian style wheat beer I’ve ever had.
    – Sommbeer


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