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Many great things hail from Canada; hockey, poutine, and now 5 Brothers Brewing a charming blog chronicling one Canadian medical professional’s journey and passion for craft beer and home brewing.   5 Brothers Brewing is a wonderful adventure into the discover of all aspects of craft beer,  from recommendations on beer, social media sites to follow, and even recommendations of other blogs to read.  Sam, the author of 5 Brothers Brewing, makes sure to take the time to properly craft his own opinions, curiosities and success’ on his journey as a craft beer enthusiast and entry into his hobby of home brewing.  



“Drinking local is as important as cheering for your home team.”

5 Brothers Brewing does a wonderful job of taking you through the personal experiences of the writer as he reviews beers, breweries and even other blogs and websites.  Keeping to his heritage the author picks breweries and beers from his local area and gives personal experiences even pairing brews to accompany an evening of kicking back and watching a Blue Jays game.  Where 5 brothers shines, even more so, is without a doubt reading the authors experience with his own home brewing.  Sam does a great job of detailing and chronicling his own brewing process from start to finish inducing commentary on his own home brewed creations.   Currently focused on small batch brewing 5 Brothers shares all his detail from the batches of beer he creates, he even includes a calendar showing his brew schedule which is cool, even makes for a nice preview of what’s to come.   Some of our contributors here at sommbeer are more into home brewing than I am personally, but I think Sam’s page really nails a topic that doesn’t see enough attention, starting home brewing.  It’s great to read all the stories championing the home brew spirit from brewers that have really started to master their craft, but at the same time it’s refreshing to read about the growth of a brewer coming into his own with what might be the best hobby out there (short of playing hockey of course).  5 Brothers Brewing is a great site to check out, bookmark, and frequent.  For our home brewing brethren it might take you back to the early days of your home brew passion, and for those of us who simply love beer you’re bound to find some new recommendations while browsing the site.

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