Brewery Review: Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company

Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company, located in Cheyenne, Wyoming


Colorado may be known as a mecca for all things craft beer, but head North and just over the border in Cheyenne, Wyo. you’ll find a hidden gem. Just a couple years old, Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company is quickly becoming a favorite among the locals – known for its friendly staff, laid-back atmosphere, and most importantly good beer.


Though they originally opened in the historic Tivoli Building in the middle of downtown, this year saw their taps move around the corner into the same building as their brewing. It’d be a lie to say I don’t miss some aspects of that original location – the classic elegance, the old world charm, the upstairs seating area they always unlocked for us so we could enjoy beer with our kids in tow. But, it’d also be a lie to say the move to this new location wasn’t for the better – the quieter side street, the industrial feel, the smell of brewing in the air, and our kids still being able to tag along.


Tucked onto this unassuming side street downtown, the brewery welcomes you with their open garage door – a unique entryway that, even if they close it when the temps drop and snow dumps, reminds me of home brewing, wort boiling in the garage, and friends gathered around laughing and drinking together. Being a smaller, family-owned establishment, it’s not uncommon to be greeted and served by the owners, Adam and Shane, or their wives. Yet regardless of who is manning the taps, it somehow feels more like I’m having a beer at a friend’s house than at a tap room. And everyone belongs here – from hipsters to cowboys, young parents to grandparents, military to professionals, and everyone in between – yes, even babies and kids.

And there’s beer to suit a wide variety of tastes, as well. While their signature beer is an American IPA – the 1890, their tap offerings range from rich porters to refreshing wheats to spicy chili ale. With the brews changing regularly, it’s essential to either come in often or keep tabs on their Facebook page for announcements of new tappings. I can’t possibly mention all the beer they offer (or have offered), especially since I was out of beer-drinking-commission for 10+ months while pregnant with our third baby; however, you won’t want to miss the Black Velvet Vanilla Porter (one of my favorites, though I’m not a big porter/stout fan these days), the Dark Sky Black Ale (oh my, so good), and the Java Ale (especially good when mixed with the Vanilla Porter). In all honesty, the only beer I haven’t enjoyed is the chili ale, and that’s simply because I don’t like chili beers.


I am beyond hopeful they will bring back their “Bad Horsie” Imperial Ale series. While they had their Blood Orange Imperial IPA on tap a couple months ago, I am antsy for the bombers to be available again. Someday, perhaps.

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Proud wife of an Army NG Blackhawk pilot - Working mom of 3 - LCMS Lutheran ن - Craft beer lover - Bacon enthusiast - Aspiring writer

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