Brew Werks Brewing – From Beer Supplies to Brewery

Brew Werks Brewing, Plainfield, IL

Back in January of 2012, Brandon and Amanda Wright started a small Homebrew shop in Plainfield, Illinois. It was located behind a local Binny’s liquor store and Limestone Brewery. The county would not allow the Wrights to sell homebrew ingredients, so they used their Internet store as a way to get around that pesky restriction. The idea of Internet In-Store pick-ups was born as was arguably the best homebrew shop. Chicago Brew Werks(CBW) was born. Nowadays CBW calls a local coffee roaster, Ten Drops, and a distillery, Tailwinds, neighbors in a rather craft, DIY center of town. Brandon and Amanda took their business seriously and expanded slowly to make sure they were doing things right. Instead of “jumping the gun” and trying to expand right away, these craft beer lovers took a rather smart approach to becoming the western suburbs mecca for craft beer and homebrew supplies. In 2014 or so, Brew Werks was born. Brew Werks Brewing is the brewery portion of the business. Starting out with a 90-gallon all-electric system, Brew Werks Brewing perfected the art of crafting excellent beers. A wide variety of styles from Russian Imperial Stouts, IPAs, Farmhouse Ales, Saisons, and many more became main-stays at Brew Werks Brewing.  Last year there was an opportunity to expand the existing brew house a few units away from where Chicago Brew Werks and Brew Werks called home. With blessings from their landlord and the town of Plainfield, Brandon, Amanda, and the crew began their expansion. With most of the work being done by Brandon himself, they are now owners of a rather large tap room that houses their now twenty-barrel system. Beer production is not a problem these days. I was able to share in the jubilation by attending an American Homebrewers Association’s Rally and then the official grand opening a week later, which corresponded with Brew Werks Brewing’s Oktoberfest. Chicago Brew Werks and Werk Force Brewing are driven by a true passion for craft beer and community. There is little doubt that Chicago Brew Werks and Werk Force Brewing will be successful for years to come. It is this passion and sense of community that keeps like-minded people returning.

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