Brew And View Christmas Edition- Bad Santa!

It’s the holiday season which brings upon a time of year that people embrace their families and spend time with each other more so than any other time of the year.  It’s a great season, and spending time with the family is something to look forward too and embrace.  But let’s face it, the Christmas holiday can really drive you nuts, right? All of the sudden you have to re-budget your life to buy gifts for people you’re only moderately interested in getting gifts for in the first place.  It takes an additional 15 minutes of waiting in line just to pick up milk.  And for some of us the general cheer of everyone around us just inspires a grumpy attitude that can only be calmed with a good stiff drink.  If the holidays annoy you, or if you just want a good laugh Bad Santa is the movie for you!


Bad Santa is the debaucherous tale of Willie, played by Billy Bob Thornton, who reprises the role of mall Santa every year in order to rob an unsuspecting shopping center blind.  Willie and Marcus (his retail robbing partner) have been running this racket for a few years and the movie sets the story around this being the last score for the holiday duo.  What we discover about Willie pretty quick is that he’s a raunchy, foul-mouthed, incompetent, alcohol fueled, disaster of a human being.  Willie is such a wreck that the movie changes gears early in the movie and focuses on how the career con-man befriends a kid in the mall, a kid whose characters name is “the kid”, and essentially moves into the kids house while we count down the days to Christmas.

This is really where the movie gets great.  What you get is a young kid who is desperate for a friend and for someone to help him embrace the holiday spirit.  Willie slides into this weird father figure/friend/horrible influence on the kid and the interaction between the two is nothing short of hilarious.  Mix in a bizarre romantic fling triggered by a Santa fetish and enough booze to fuel an Andre the Giant bender and you have yourself a holiday classic for those of us who need a break from traditional Christmas stories.

True to Brew and View Tradition I now present the Sommbeer
Bad Santa Drinking Game!

  1. Any time Santa suffers a fake ailment take 2 drinksIMG_3864
  2. Any time Willie is offered a sandwich take a drink
  3. Any time Santa swears in front of a child take a drink
  4. Anytime Willie beats up a kid finish your drink
  5. Anytime Santa has sex give someone else a drink
  6. Anytime Willie cracks a safe take 2 drinks
  7. Anytime Marcus saves the teams mall job finish your drink
  8. Anytime Willie passes out take 3 drinks


Christmas movies can be a lot of things, heart warming, spiritual, inspiring love and joy to embody the Christmas season.  Bad Santa is none of those things.  If anything Bad Santa is the essential anti-Christmas Christmas movie.  Sometimes that’s exactly what the season calls for though.  This movie has become a Christmas Eve tradition in our house.  We always do a big family gathering on Christmas Eve, and after the kids and Mom (especially Mom) go to sleep we crack open a few beers pull out a bottle of whiskey and pop in Bad Santa.  It doesn’t make you reflect on the year and your life like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and it doesn’t make you feel all lovie-dovie like “Love Actually”.  Bad Santa comes right out and says “I’m sick of the holidays and I need a drink”; and I think that’s a sentiment that we can all relate to at some point in the month of December.


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