Brew and View #2 : Animal House

There really aren’t a whole lot of movies that are more closely associated with the idea of a “drinking movie” than the 1978 comedy classic Animal House.  Animal House became the movie that introduced us to John Belushi as a film star while simultaneously making us fall in love with the toga party and also producing some of the most iconic scenes in comedy history.


The movie takes place at Faber College and focuses on the Delta Frat house.  The lovable Delta’s take us on a rambunctious journey fueled by booze, shenanigans, and parties as two young adolescents make the journey from college freshmen to deplorable frat members.  Kent Dorfman and Larry Kroger are the heroes of the film, the movie follows them from their first days at the university right up through the climatic ending.

As the movie progresses we also learn about some of the more senior members of the Delta Fraternity like Otter, Boon, D-Day and of course Bluto.  Ahh Bluto, is there a more entertaining representation of college student that John Belushi as Bluto? Bluto the 7th year college student with a GPA of 0.0.. that’s gotta be an achievement of some sort. Each character has their own subplot in the movie and in the end they all get pulled in together for one of the most entertaining endings that ties the story up perfectly.

Of course the movie is full of “bad guys” too, primarily the Dean of the school that is hellbent on expelling the entire Delta Fraternity.  The Omega Frat house serves as the other adversary to out beloved gang of misfits otherwise know as the Deltas.  Throughout the movie the Delta’s and the Omega’s feud and of course hilarity ensues.  There feuding between the two frat houses leads to some reoccurring themes in the movie and of course those set up well for a brew and view drinking game!

So without further adieu I present you with the Sommbeer Animal House drinking game!

  1. When Bluto drinks you drink. IMG_3473
  2. Take 2 drinks anytime you see Neidermeyer feed his horse carrots.
  3. When Bluto pours mustard on himself finish your drink.
  4. Anytime you hear Otis Day and the Knights give someone else a drink
  5. Whenever you see D-Day’s Motorcycle take 2 drinks
  6. When a fight, of any kind, happens take a drink
  7. Whenever you see Kevin Bacon give a drink to someone else
  8. When Bluto gives his pep talk finish your drink


Animal House really is a classic movie.  I’ve read plenty of “best comedy movies of all time” lists and the film is almost always in the top ten.  If I were to break down my all time favorite comedies I can assure you this would be in the top 5.  When Sommbeer decided to start a series of about movies that pair well with beer Animal House was the first movie that popped in my head.  I go through a few nights every year where I end up kicking back and watching Animal House with some buddies and a few brews, it’s never a bad night.   If you haven’t seen this movie just go buy it, you can probably find it for about $5 on dvd at anytime.  It’s well worth the investment of you money and the time to watch it.



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