Brew and View #1 – Shaun of The Dead


It’s late October and it’s the time of the year that hunkering down with a good beer and a movie is one of the best ways to spend a chilly fall evening.  With Halloween upon us it seems only right that we kick off the Sommbeer Brew and View series with a Halloween favorite.  In 2004 Edgar Wright made his directorial debut by pumping out a classic romantic comedy, with zombies.

The movie in question of course is Shaun of the Dead.  Staring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as our bumbling hero’s, this dynamic duo take us on a twisted journey that starts at a pub, and of course ends at the pub.

“A romantic comedy with zombies”. I remember seeing that tagline of the poster for this movie and being instantly sold.  Sure Simon Pegg and Nick Frost had been around for a while but both were actors that I really didn’t know at the time this film came out.  The same can be said for the films director, Edgar Wright, he had done some directing of television but never before a film.  Shaun of the Dead would put this trio on the map for me.  When this movie came out I was really into horror movies, I would watch pretty much anything with a promise of practical special effects and zombies.  But pitching the idea of a Horror, Comedy, Rom-Com spoof was foreign to me.  Yes there had been a few comedic takes on zombies and horror before this (Return of the Living Dead comes to mind), but these movies are very much so low budget flicks that were also cheesy and dated.  That’s not a bad thing by any stretch, but I really don’t need to see a modern take on an 80’s movie that still looks like an 80’s movie.


Shaun and Ed, our heroes, are extremely lovable characters that are full of wit while managing to be completely lazy, somewhat clueless, and focused on some the most important things in life.  Things like wanting to be comfortable, even in the middle of a dooms day situation.  I think pretty much any person who watches a fair amount of zombie movies makes up the “what would I do” plan in case of a zombie infection.  I’ll admit that I have done it, and in those moments of planning and preparation I can tell you my plans were a lot closer to the scenarios played out in Mad Max Fury Road.  This isn’t realistic, what is realistic though is the idea of trying to hold up in my local bar or pub because they have the majority of the things I really want, food and beer.   If I can save my Mom and girlfriend along the way, yes even if she has dumped me, than that’s a bonus too.

So here it is, the first official Sommbeer drinking game to accompany Shaun of the Dead


  1. Anytime The Winchester is mentioned take a drink
  2. Anytime you see a reference to classic horror movie take a drink
  3. Any time Shaun or Ed take a drink you take a drink
  4. Anytime that a zombie is bludgeoned take a drink
  5. Anytime Shaun reminds you that Philip is not his father open a new drink
  6. When you hear “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen finish your drink
  7. Any time Shaun is reminded that he has red on him give a friend of your choosing a drink
  8. Anytime Ed calls Pete a Prick take 2 drinks
  9. Anytime someone asks what “exacerbate” means give someone else a drink
  10. Any time Liz says “Hellooo” or “Bye Bye Bye” finish your drink

If you follow these rules you will definitely be tanked at a fairly rapid pace, but that really just adds to the enjoyment of the movie.  This movie is full of wit and gore with a bit of British charm sprinkled throughout the movie.  It’s really one of the quintessential drinking movies.  The movie is pretty funny under any circumstances, when you add in a few brews it becomes nothing short of a classic.  I’ve been watching this movie for the better part of 10 years now and I still find new things that I like about it, and it still gets better with every beer I enjoy with it.


What makes Shun of the Dead such a fun movie is it somehow manages to be realistic while the characters deal with the most unrealistic of situations.  The movie is laced with references to films that inspired it; classics like “Night of the Living Dead”, and “Evil Dead” among many others.   It’s completely ridiculous and even ten years after the first time watching the movie the jokes are still hysterical.  It’s a trademark of great comedy, the ability to be funny regardless of generation or circumstance.  Watch this movie, watch it on Halloween if you’re feeling festive or watch it during the dead of summer if you simply want to watch a great comedy, with zombies.  Shaun of the Dead teaches us one thing in regards to beer; that a romantic nightspot and an impenetrable fortress can be the same thing.  So don’t exacerbate things, kick back, crack a beer and enjoy Shaun of the Dead.

John Fahrner
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  1. I love this movie. Beer and movies, especially “man movies”, have always been a natural pairing for me. When buddies are over we usually have an action oriented movie (Transformers etc…) and then wind down with something even dumber and funner (dumb and dumber comes to mind)

    1. Oh I totally agree! This is one of my all around favorites and thought it would be a perfect start for a series pairing beer and movies


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