Brandi To the Main Stage by Odd Side Ales – Beer Review

I love a good beer release. They bring out the diehard craft beer fans and add a level of excitement when you don’t know if the brewery will run out. I was lucky enough to have the time to drive the 200 miles to the Odd Side Ales for the Morning Wood and Brandi to the Main Stage bottle release party. To be honest, I drove all that way for the Morning Wood *insert inappropriate joke* and ended up picking up a bottle of Brandi to the Main Stage since I was already at the brewery. After spending the day on the patio and a long hike we headed home. Exhausted and eager to hit the couch I opened my back door to retrieve my spoils only to have my bottle of Brandi roll off the seat and come crashing on the concrete. I was devastated, the cap blew off and my precious beer was spilling out on the unforgiving ground. It seemed to happen in slow motion and before I knew it the bottle was in my hand and the swing top had been closed. I held the bottle to the light to see the damage; over half the bottle was gone… I rushed it to the refrigerator knowing that I had to consume that night before it lost all of its carbonation.


Once chilled, I poured Brandi into one of my favorite snifters. It pours a copper red almost black with minimal head. There is a fine halo of small bubbles, that cling to the glass. The aroma smells of cherries and brandy. There is subtle hints of malt and caramel. The taste is bold and smooth. The brandy barrel aging imparts tons of flavor, which is complimented by the cherry. The middle is malt and butterscotch. Where the finish is dry and sweet. The mouthfeel is smooth and drinkable even with the 11.5% ABV. There was almost no carbonation, but that could be due to dropping the bottle.


Overall, this was a treat to the taste buds. I am sad that I lost half the bottle because I was planning to age this bottle for a special occasion… I guess that means I will be at the release next year!
Style: Dark Ale with Cherries Aged in Brandy Barrels
Package: Limited Release Bottle #23/500
ABV: 11.5 %
IBU: 38
Feel free to let me what you think. Until next time, Cheers!
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