BottleKeeper : The Tactical Koozie

I drop things, it’s not my best quality but it happens. Occasionally I drop bottles of beer and of that leads to broken bottles, spilled beer and an overall mess. We’re just a few days away from kicking off the 2016 football season and that of course means we’re coming up on some premier tailgating. The first requirement for a great tailgate is beer, and if you’re doing it right, you’re going to need a koozie. But like everything else in the world of beer the koozie has been due for an upgrade for quite some time.  Fortunately we now have BottleKeeper to answer the call for ultimate bottle protection. 

IMG_6735What is BottleKeeper you ask? Aside from being awesome BottleKeeper is basically a tactical koozie that is designed to keep your bottle safe from breakage while keeping your beer cold as long as possible.  BottleKeeper is constructed with a stainless steel shell that surrounds a koozie protecting the precious cargo inside of this practical and effective tool.  BottleKeepers also come in multiple sizes fit all your outdoor beer toting adventurous needs.  First off we have the Standard 12oz, perfect for your traditional 12oz bottle common with such breweries as Bell’s, Dogfish, or Bear Republic. Then there’s the 12oz Stubby designed for protecting bottles from Founders, Green Flash or Sierra Nevada. Last but certainly not least is the big 22oz bomber finally making it possible to bring an early Fall “Enjoy by” from Stone or a “Big Bad Baptist” from Epic in the dead of Winter a genuine option.

IMG_6732In the time I’ve had my BottleKeeper I’ve been primarily using it around my fire-pit in the backyard and next to my barbecue.  It’s been a pretty fantastic experience.  Aside from the occasional dropped bottle I also have a bad habit of leaving my beer right next to the BBQ while I’m cooking resulting in a warm beer which can be less than desirable.  BottleKeeper has made this a nuisance of the past.  My other frequent activity that involves outdoor drinking is the weekend bonfire in the back yard.  Keeping the beer away from the fire isn’t so much of a problem on this one, however assuring that a dog or inebriated friend doesn’t knock over a beer as they shuffle through the backyard… Therein lies a challenge.  Now if a beer is full enough it can definitely still spill even while wearing beer armor like BottleKeeper, for some reason it does not defy gravity.  But, being stainless steel does allow you to dig the bottle in the ground a little bit without fearing a break. More importantly picking broken glass out of my lawn is now a thing of the past.

With football season quickly approaching one of the things I’m looking forward to is bringing BottleKeeper along for our weekly tailgate.  BottleKepper will serve as a perfect addition to our game day activities primarily because it will help me eliminate some annoyances that have plagued outdoor pregame drinking for years.  Plus there are awesome game day decals available to help keep you pumped up as you get ready for kickoff.  The campus I tailgate on doesn’t pay attention to what you’re drinking as long as you keep your beverage in a koozie or a red cup.  Since all you really see of the actual beer bottle once inside BottleKeeper is the neck at the top it will be a perfect for obeying the “incognito” rule of the tailgate.   I’m also confident that the BottleKeeper will survive, and sequentially allow my beer to survive, whatever game-day shenanigans that we might come across throughout the pregame festivities.


BottleKeeper is a product that promises to keep your beer bottle safe from breaking and make sure your beer keeps as cold as possible for as long as possible.  In the time that I used the product it consistently delivers on this promise.  If you’re the kind of adventurer that fancies  a rugged trip out into the wilderness, an evening relaxing in the backyard, or a Saturday morning preparing to destroy whatever team has the moxie to show up at your stadiums doorstep BottleKeeper is an investment well worth it’s price-tag.  Head over to and order yourself one of these tools before your next camping trip or outdoor activity because no one likes a broken beer bottle, especially when the solution is readily available with the few clicks of a mouse.






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