Bell’s Two Hearted Ale Beer Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan

Bell’s Brewery is one of the most successful and well respected craft breweries in the country and their reputation is well earned.  Although Oberon takes the prize as their most well known beer Two Hearted Ale is the first beer I think of when talking about this brewery.  Throughout the year Bell’s releases a ton of seasonal and specialty beers that are highly sought after but when it comes to Bell’s I always end up coming home to Two Hearted Ale.  Two Hearted is available year round and found in almost any store that sells beer.  It’s also readily available on tap at the majority of bars year round and for a lot of people, myself included, Two Hearted is a beer that serves, or has served, as a gateway into the world of craft beers.

KBC Two Hearted Ale


Two Hearted Ale is Bell’s flagship American IPA; packing a respectable 7% ABV it fits in as beer that is perfect for any occasion and any season.  Exclusively featuring Centennial Hops Two Hearted sets a standard for IPA, it’s extremely well balanced while maintaining the prevalent hoppy flavor that hop heads like myself love.  Fresh citrus and pine aromas elevate the balance of this beer making it a refreshing  brew.  This beer really does have everything I want in an IPA and has earned its way to the status of a “go to” beer for me.  It pairs well with almost any meal regardless of time of year and is an easy recommendation for people who want to start venturing into the world of craft beer.  Two Hearted has been a staple in my beer rotation for years now and since so many of the things that I really enjoy come and go through out the year due to being a seasonal release it’s comforting to know that Two Hearted is always there to be enjoyed.

Overall Beer Rated- 4.5/5 stars

John Fahrner

SommBeer – This what I consider a good standard benchmark IPA.  It’s a beer I stock for the Holidays as it can be readily passed around for guests.  If someone likes IPA’s you have confidence that they will like “Two Hearted”.

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