Beer Rules

From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

SommBeer’s 7 Beer Rules

Editor’s Note: Since the time I first wrote these rules, Sommbeer has grown into a community of 60+ contributors, partners, partnerships and loyal fans.  I am therefore obligated to mention that these rules are my own (but still completely valid mind you).

BEER RULE #1 – Don’t Add Fruit to Beer
Please don’t put oranges in my beer.  I do not like oranges in my beer,  I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere. This is forbidden at my house…..

Not allowed - Somm Beer


BEER RULE #2 – No Light Beer
Beer is for flavor and fun.  If you want to lose weight don’t drink beer.  This same principle applies to non-alcoholic beer, don’t do it.


BEER RULE #3 – No Twisty Caps
Mass produced, bland, cheap beer tends to be made by companies with a lot of money….. when I’m handed a bottle with a Twisty Cap I know I’m in trouble.


BEER RULE #4 – No Corn no Rice
Kids eat cereal with corn and rice only adults that make bad decisions drink it.



BEER RULE #5 – If the Beer has Class pour it in a Glass
Stop eye-balling your classy beer through a peep hole and grab a glass.


BEER RULE #6 – Don’t be that (Wine) guy
Let’s not take serious beer too seriously.



BEER RULE #7 – Avoid mental vanilla
Mental Vanilla: Sticking to what’s comfortable and offers no risk…..force yourself to try new beers.



BEER RULE #0 – Don’t become a bicycle rider
See all those guys riding their bikes to work?  They are Bicycle riders because they got caught drinking and driving.  Don’t Drink and Drive, Don’t Become a Bicycle Rider.

   bike 1



Have fun and be careful out there.



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