BEER RULE #5 – If the Beer has Class Pour it in a Glass

BEER RULE #5 – If the Beer has Class Pour it in a Glass

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Good beer deserves a glass.  The very act of pouring it into the glass “breaks” the beer and allows it to oxidize,  the aroma is released as the carbon dioxide breaks free.  When I pour a beer into a glass I savor the smell, bubbles and color.  When it’s still in the bottle however, all of that sensation has to be observed through that small port hole.  Stop eye-balling your beer through a peep hole and grab a glass.

If the beer has Class pour it in a glass.

Guidelines to determine if your beer has class…
1. Strict adherence to Sommbeer beer rules ie. All malt, no rice, no twisty cap….
2. High ABV (exclude malt liquor)
3. No tatts
4. It’s name does not sound like what it might make you do – Blitz, Schlitz
(thanks @chesta2000 Brad Winchester)

Use this glass, not this beer

Why would anyone do this?



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