BEER RULE #4 – no Corn no Rice

BEER RULE #4 – no Corn no Rice

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My kids love cereal, love it.

I’m always the first to wake up at my house and I start with coffee.  Strong lumberjack coffee.  By the time my kids and better half come downstairs I’m juiced, but hungry.  Too often it’s everybody for themselves, so I grab my flax seed, wheat bran, frozen tofu yogurt (I’m regular). The kids grab their favorite sugar laden cereal.  They are essentially eating corn or rice masked with a chemist’s magic wand (sugar, coloring, flavoring and a couple of synthetic vitamins).

Take note, my kids are eating corn and rice, not drinking it.  Only adults drink corn and rice.

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Over 90% of the US beer market is supplied by the big (m)ass brewers.  Big brewers make great commercials and low quality beer.  They cheapen their product by adding corn (cheap) and rice (cheaper) in place of malt (expensive).  Big mass brewers use cereal grains.

I marvel at their ingenuity.  Many decades ago they started messing with their beer recipes by replacing malt with cereal grains.  Then they marketed this as a product improvement!  Cereal grains do not have much body so they effectively make a lighter ….refreshing beer.  Over time the marketing guys gained traction and the American beer palate changed.  Beer conspiracy.  American consumers paid top dollar for low quality beer.

But, you might ask, what’s the problem if these clowns like it?  Answer; It tastes bad.

Fermented corn imparts a cider type smell and cardboard type taste.  Rice adds no value beyond alcohol.

I can smell a beer brewed with corn or rice at arms length. Don’t give me a big mass brewer beer, I won’t drink it.

Ahem, one notable exception;  Buddy Beer


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3 thoughts on “BEER RULE #4 – no Corn no Rice”

  1. Great article. Our whole food system needs an overhaul. We can start with beer.

  2. Laura, this looks very interesting indeed. Even the brewer seems to agree (with me)…from Notch Brewing: “.we revisited this much maligned style”. I would love to try this and will buy a bottle next time I see it. Thanks for the link. – SommBeer


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