BEER RULE #3 – No Twisty Caps

BEER RULE #3 – No Twisty Caps

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Ok, I run the risk of being labelled an elitist, part of the beer bourgeoisie (had to look that up). No matter, this rule is an important step towards your appreciation and complete understanding of good beer.

Mass produced, bland, cheap beer tends to be made by companies with a lot of money.  They have enough money to invest in the machines required to put twisty caps on their crappy beer.  They don’t have the sense yet to make high quality beer (Rule #4 – no corn no rice).  As a result, when I’m handed a bottle with a Twisty Cap I know I’m in trouble.

Twisty Cap – found on a bottle of grape pop

Twisty Caps = Mass Produced Beer
Pry-off Caps = Has the potential to be good beer

I won’t go on the record by saying all beer with pry-off caps is good.  It just indicates that the brewer takes pride in their beer and wants you to know it.  Bam, there it is.

Here’s a scenario, you find yourself at a BYOB party.  You pull out one of your bottles, look at it and realize you’ve got a Twisty Cap beer bottle in your hand. Oh no!   Nobody wants to look like a clown (except this guy ).  So here’s what you do.  You ask for a bottle opener and discreetly open it (hiding that abomination of a beer bottle from view). Just pretend you are drinking real beer.

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