Yuengling Porter – It’s not good Just good fun – Review

First, I have to admit I like Yuengling.  It’s my favorite cheapo beer. It’s not really very good and it contains lot’s of corn and maybe rice but it’s a fun beer.  For el cheapo beer it actually has some flavor. The fact that it’s not available in Michigan adds to the allure.

I found a 6 pack of Yuengling porter in an old gas station in Ohio. Not exactly the perfect ambience but when I see Yuengling I buy it.  

Rating: Fun but not a real porter
Alcohol by Volume:  5
Type: Porter
When to drink: Light body would actually be good in the summer

So it tastes just as bad as the original Yuengling except it is dark and has some slight bittering on the finish. Not much body either. It’s not a good porter just good fun.

Just between you and me, I have dedicated a small fridge to Yuengling.  My private stash.

Regrettably, Yuengling beer violates a Beer Rule
RULE #4 – no Corn no Rice
‘m interested in your feedback and beer experiences.


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One thought on “Yuengling Porter – It’s not good Just good fun – Review”

  1. Yuengling Porter isn’t a porter as we know it today, but it is the most prominent example of American Porter. It’s a pre-prohibition style that was popular in the early 1800s. American brewers were attempting to replicate London porters with native ingredients.


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