Beer Review: Two-For-One From Right Brain Brewery

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The Confession:

So, you may remember me stating in my last post that I don’t really like wheat beers. Well, there is one big exception to this: hopped wheat beers. In my defense, hops tend to make most things in life better.

I finally had the chance to visit Right Brain Brewery the other day. Upon approaching the bar I was (probably way too) excited to see that one could order half pints! So today is a two-for-one review!

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The First Beer – The Flying Squirrel:

I honestly don’t know why I decided to try this particular beer. In the past I’ve had some really bad experiences with ‘chocolate beers.’ The beer made up for those experiences. It’s a brown ale described as “Roasty. Chocolaty. Nutty.” on the menu. It is extremely well balanced with hints chocolate. It is very smooth and easy to drink. The carbonation of this beer was a bit of a surprise, it was a closer feel to soda than to beer. It worked very well though, keeping the beer feeling light. I always seem to forget about brown ales when I go to a brewery, they’ve just never seemed that exciting to me. Well, RBB has made a very sexy chocolaty brown ale. My only complaint is that it had a slightly unpleasant bitter aftertaste. But this is indeed a beer I will order again.

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The Second Beer – Peaches & Green:

I chose a different direction for my next beer, with high hopes. And the wheat IPA did not disappoint. I might not have ordered a beer with a fruit in the title had my first beer not been so well balanced, well that and the fact that I love peaches. Again, this beer was very well balanced, with nice juicy hints of peach. But the peach flavor seemed to blend in and disappear as I drank it, which bummed me out. As the bartender told me, the wheat makes the beer less bitter than a traditional IPA. And I wish this beer was a bit less wheat and a bit more IPA. This is a good beer for those getting in to IPAs; I would have appreciated it more a couple of years ago when I was starting to branch out. This would be a good summer beer to sip while looking out over the bay. Well, uh, we topped out at about 23 degrees F today. I’ll probably wait ‘til I can at least wear a t-shirt outside before going back to this beer.

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