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Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan

Imperial, is there a word out there in the beer world that is more attractive?  There aren’t to many words that peak my interest more than the word Imperial, and following that word with stout, well 9 times out of 10 I’ll give that beer a try.  For some reason Ten Fidy is a beer that was on my wish list for the longest time and just kept getting put off as a brew to pick up and try.  Wow, what a mistake that turned out to be!  From the moment I poured this liquid viscous coffee and chocolate enriched little can of craft goodness I knew I had a found a brew that is worthy of becoming a regular resident inside of my beer fridge.

Ten Fidy is everything an Imperial Double stout should be, it pours jet black with a beautiful thick head clearly supported with a thicker body.  The aroma off the beer is a wonderful roasted malty scent with a full body coffee scent and hints of chocolate that make this beer extremely inviting.  The thing every great stout shares in common, in my opinion, is how enjoyable and relaxing they are to drink.  A good stout should be similar to enjoying a good cup of coffee, it should go down smooth and leave you with a warm feeling and Ten Fidy hits that mark for me, the rich flavors are very well balanced out and make for an extremely enjoyable pint.  The stout is so well balanced out that you hardly even notice the beefy 10.5% ABV or the 98 IBU’s, both of which lend to the overall heartiness of Ten Fidy, packed in this little can.   This beer is as big and bold as the can that it comes in and I love everything about it.  I decided to stash 2 of the 4 cans I picked up to let age for a while, but I can say with out a doubt that I will be picking up another 4 pack of this well before those two cans have enough time to properly age.  Ten Fidy rocks and with the weather changing this is definitely a quality brew worth the investment.

Overall Beer Rating: 4.5/5 stars


John Fahrner


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