Stone Brewing Co. Coffee Milk Stout Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan

Stone Brewing Co. is known for making big beers with big flavors.  Most of the Stone stouts that come out through the year, such as their Imperial Russian Stout or Woot Stout, stick to the big flavor big ABV and big bottle trend that the brewery is known for.  Coffee Milk Stout (much like Go To IPA earlier this year) bucks the trend and the result is a success.

Stone’s Coffee Milk Stout is a modern spin on a English sweet stout that is infused with coffee adding a richness to the beer balancing out the sweetness giving the beer a beautiful coffee aroma and a mildly bitter flavor.   Unlike many of Stone’s offerings this batch is not at all over powering, it might very well be the most balanced beer I’ve tried from Stone.   The mild flavors in this beer really do work to it’s advantage, this stout is enjoyable in the same way that a morning cup of coffee is, perfect to relax with and wind down without putting you down.  Coffee Milk Stout only packs a 4.2 ABV giving the beer all the wonderful warming qualities of its bigger brother brews without sitting heavy in the stomach.   Coffee Milk Stout is exceptionally smooth and clean finish, the all around experience of the brew is enjoyable from start to finish, definitely a stout that I intend to purchase again.

Stone Brewing Co. is one that I really do respect.  What is really great about Stone is that there beer is very distinct.  Most of the brews they put out are almost distinguishable as Stone’s style even if you don’t see the bottle or tap that it’s being poured from.   Though Coffee Milk Stout breaks the mold with some of their more traditional characteristics it is still very distinguishable as a Stone beer.   Because Stone releases so many limited edition brews they offer the opportunity to try a lot of new things through out the year.   Coffee Milk Stout is definitely on the high end of their 2014 releases for me.  This brew is a limited release but completely worth the $11 bucks for a 6 pack.

Over all Rating: 4/5 stars.


John Fahrner (@fahrn13)

Sommbeer: Thanks John!  I too respect this brewery.  Seems every bottle I purchase from them is a winner.

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