North Peak’s Red Oak Hoptober Review

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The Story:

North Peak Brewing Company caught my eye the day after I moved to Traverse City, mostly because I read the sign on the building as “North Perk” and thought it was a coffee shop. (While I am in probably a beer snob, I am indeed a coffee addict.) When I became a contributor to this site, I knew it was the first brewery I wanted to check out. First I went to their website ( to get some info on the business and their beers. On the menu page the heading “Cask Ales” intrigued me and I knew I would want to try one. Cask ales are finished in a small keg (called a firkin), unfiltered, served at 50° using a hand pull that eliminate the need for CO2. When I arrived at the brewery the first beer that caught my attention was the Red Oak Hoptober, one of the Cask Ales available that day. The name and description reminded me of my favorite beer, the Hop Lobster from the Springfield Brewing Company in Springfield, MO. I decided to give this interesting beer a try.

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The Beer:

My first impression was that it was a little tangy, kind of like it had a bite to it. Unexpectedly, I could taste the oak flavor, and I really liked that. The hops on the other and were more subtle that I had expected, they seemed to be almost an underlying flavor. It was not a smooth beer, but as I continued to drink it I didn’t mind so much. It seems like a good beer to have with a meal rather than one to drink when having a few rounds with friends. I imagine it would go well with a hearty fish or seafood dish. I would recommend it, but probably try out another beer next time I visit North Peak.


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I like punk rock, poetry and politics! (Alliteration, ha!!) Also hockey, classic rock, photography and working out!

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Katie Dixon

Grew up in SW Missouri, just moved to Traverse City to help my cousin take care of her daughter. Because of my dad, I grew up going to microbreweries all over the US because he is a fan of good beer. I am a huge fan of punk music and the Red Wings.