Founders Dissenter Imperial IPL Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan


Founders Brewing Company is a company that is truly unique in the best possible way, they’re the only company that has never made a beer that I did not absolutely love.  Dissenter, the tenth addition to the back stage series of beer, and marks Founders first lager to be produced by the company in over 12 years.  Dissenter is a Imperial IPL  that packs an 8.7% ABV yet is remarkable crisp, clean and refreshing.  Dissenter is loaded with both tropical and citrus hops which absolutely pop giving a light finish which is not at all challenging to enjoy.

The biggest downside to Dissenter is really the fact that its a limited release.  The truth is that this beer provides what I want in what could be a “every day” type of beer.  It doesn’t sit to heavy in the stomach and it’s absolutely loaded with flavor.  After enjoying the entire bottle I felt satisfied, unlike many lagers I didn’t feel a need to go back to the fridge looking for a follow up beer. Also, the beer is so clean that I didn’t catch a real buzz or wake up with a regret of enjoying a 24 ounce beer the night before.  Dissenter is simply satisfying and enjoyable in a way that i don’t normally find in a lager and it really would be an outstanding choice of beer to enjoy through the summer months.  If you find Dissenter on the shelf grab it, being a limited release it most likely won’t be there for long, but at about $12 a bottle Dissenter is an excellent beer to pick up and enjoy as we wind down the summer months.


Overall Rating

4.5/5 stars


John Fahrner

Cheers!  Thanks John!  Founders is one of my favorite breweries.  I haven’t tried anything from them that I don’t like, which I find simply astonishing – SommBeer

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