Dragon’s Milk – This Dragon has a Bite – Beer Review

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It’s fun to run all over town, wasting my valuable free time trying to find KBS,  Blacknote and Dogfish 120.  I really have nothing better to do than befriend party store owners and beer sommeliers in the hopes of obtaining some rare and exotic beer.  It’s like having an Easter Egg hunt every weekend.

Truthfully, it’s a bit of relief to have an outstanding special stout that is readily available.   That’s why I enjoy Dragon’s Milk from New Holland Brewing.   Stagger into any store and grab that familiar 4 pack – grab and go.

It’s so familiar to me that I didn’t even think to review it.  I’ll correct that mistake today.

The fun is about to beginDragon's Head


ASTMO :It looks dark, smells like roasted malty oak tastes rich and has loads of body.

I took my first sip after a long day of dry walling a basement.  I needed a break.  The flavor was outrageously overwhelming.  The alcohol was there but hidden by the oak and barley.  What knocked me out was a final kick in the back of throat.  I hadn’t noticed that before.  I took another sip, just to make sure.  Yep!  This Dragon bites!  It’s not the ideal beer immediately after a hard day’s work.  This is a sipper, the dragon demands time and contemplation.  Oh and its got a 10% abv so it’s a fire breather too.  This stuff is absolutely a candidate for aging in my cellar  Sommbeer

Check this out.  The brewery uses the used barrels from the Dragon’s Milk to make bourbon!  I bought a bottle and loved it.   It’s a different style of bourbon compared to my Maker’s Mark standby.  I have to caution myself against comparing the two.  Both are good but very different.  The New Holland seems smoother and has less oak.

New Holland Brewing Bourbon








New Holland Bourbon

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