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Beer Review – Celebrator from Ayinger – Double Bock

I was shopping in one of my favorite liquor stores, doing what I normally do, hoarding Bell’s Expedition stout for cellar aging.  As is customary when wasting time on a lunch hour, I started to chat with the staff ” Can I help you sir?” he asked.  “Nope I just like your store” I said eyeballing some Scottie Karate.  He seemed to recognize my appreciation for fine beer and soon motioned me to the front counter.


When a staff member pulls me aside, I know I’m bound to get something really unique (or they are about to call the police and kick me out).  They save stuff for customers that demonstrate a true passion for beer – I like to think.  When they ceremoniously pull that mystery beer from behind the counter, they look both ways and slyly hand me the prize.  This ritual was just about to happen I knew it, and I was getting excited.  I know it’s just beer but my heart was racing, hands trembling as he slowly placed the “special beer” on the counter.  Boom! There it stood in cartoon colors with toys hung on the neck of every beer.  It was like a McDonald’s happy meal but it was beer!  I clapped like I was 5.  Woohoo!  “Sir, most customers just buy one of these ’cause they’re expensive”.  I stood there clutching my all 4 of my  “precious” to my chest and brought them all home.


When I got home, I removed one of the toys and poured one of the beers.  My first impression was a slight metallic smell that soon dissipated.  The color was dark but not overly so.  The flavor was malty and perhaps just a bit toasty.  The alcohol while high @ 7.2% was not the defining feature.  Everything with this beer was balanced.  I’ve had Double Bocks from the US that are over the top and exaggerated, nope not this beer.


Cultural Side Note …..

I’ve noticed a lot of things we do in the States that had their start in Europe are exaggerated.  My trip to the EU taught me that their approach seems to prize balance and perhaps just a bit of restraint.  This beer has all the wonders you expect from this variety maltiness, heavy body richness without any one note overwhelming the rest.

Nice beer, glad I bought the entire pack.


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