Atwater Brewery’s Vanilla Java Porter – Beer Review

Featured Contributor Katie  @PunkRockPoet84


The Setup:

So, my uncle breezes into town this afternoon and says to my cousins and me, “Hey, let’s go out to dinner!” So we wind our way through downtown Traverse City (me with an unsightly cold I caught while gallivanting through Boston last week) until we arrive at a cute little place called the Blue Tractor. We sit, and I am delightfully stunned at their selection of Michigan craft beers. I look the list up and down, having tried all the IPAs and the one hopped wheat offered. I settle on a slightly unusual choice for me, a vanilla java porter.

The Beer:

Now, most coffee-flavored beers that I have tried have been pretty overpowering and have a strong coffee after-taste; and the one vanilla porter I have ever tried was pretty vile. So why’d I pick this beer? Hush! It was on a whim! First sip, “Holy… This is Good!” So very well balanced. A good hit of coffee flavor followed by the subtle, yet very distinguishable, taste of vanilla. Now, mind you, I have a cold and have just recently (earlier in the day) started to get back my sense of taste. I have spicy hamburger for dinner, and the pairing in perfection! The heat opens up my sinuses so that I can appreciate the beer more fully. And I am so happy that the last sip is as great as the first. The flavors didn’t muddle together in the least. And the aftertaste is very nice too. I was so glad to not be left with a lingering taste of overpowering coffee.

Now excuse me, I need to go get a six back of the Java Vanilla Porter from Atwater Brewery!

Katie’s Bio:

I like punk rock, poetry and politics! (Alliteration, ha!!) Also hockey, classic rock, photography and working out!

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Katie Dixon

Grew up in SW Missouri, just moved to Traverse City to help my cousin take care of her daughter. Because of my dad, I grew up going to microbreweries all over the US because he is a fan of good beer. I am a huge fan of punk music and the Red Wings.