Beer Review – 420 Extra Pale Ale From SweetWater Brewing

On Tuesdays, one of our local bars like to feature all of their beers for $2. That’s right, $2 Tuesdays, all day, every Tuesday. And yes, it can get a little crazy. Well, I decided to swing by on one of those days and do some beer reviews. And, one of my choices was this little dandy here, Sweetwater Brewing’s 420 Extra Pale Ale. And no, there wasn’t any 420 benefit included.

First thing that I noticed was that there wasn’t much of a head that poured from the bottle and into my glass. As expected with the pale ale style, it was highlighted by a golden haze. As for carbonation, not too much was happening as it was soft. The aroma was also a little faint and had notes that resembled a sourness. But how about the taste, in the end that’s the most important factor.

The texture was watery and it provided both an okay mouthfeel and duration. But there was nothing that really stood out about it. The beer was decent enough, if you are looking for a beer that will be refreshing with some crispness on the finish. But, with so many pale ale choices, this is just not one that I would probably seek again. As a side note, it did provide some lacing as well.

ABV – 5.7%

IBU – 41

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Rod Jones

Rod Jones

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