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From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

Do you drink the same beers all evening?  Not me, I like to shake things up. An IPA, Stout, Porter hey let’s split a Belgian! Whew that was some night.  But unless I’m at the beach or bonfire,  “Random Beer Order” never works for me.  On a serious craft beer evening I want a methodical approach towards what I drink ie.
– my “beer order”.


Our palates can only take so much beer before we lose the finer aspects of what beer has to offer.  I’ve found too that the order of my beer makes a big difference in my ability to perceive and enjoy the finer aspects of what craft beer has to offer.  When I visit a new brewery, I really want to take in as many “data points” as possible before my DD drives me home.  To this end,  I have developed a personal beer order.  If I’m at a new brewery or even drinking within my inner beer circle I also tend to have small samples (4-6 oz) so I can try more beer varieties.

IPA – loud and proud
Stout – Dry finish provides a reset button effect
Scottish Ale, Old Ale – Heavy malty beer at this point is just like “comfort food”
Experimental – Anything new.  Got peppers or pumpkin in your beer?  Bring it on
Imperial (IPA or Stout) – What ever taste buds remain, demand something that is not subtle
Water – Water


and now a word about nightcaps…….



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