Time for a Gender Bender

When I visit my local bar or sit outdoors with my wife and enjoy a beverage I sometimes observe a repeating pattern.  Women generally drink differently from men.  No no I don’t mean straws vs. cups.  I’m talking about our drink choices.

A recent data point from last weekend.  Checkout the near beer on the left.  With all the bright cartoonish colors they felt a need to state “contains alcohol” for goodness sake.

Hers and His
Hers and His

Legal Notice:  While I’m not much on Political Correctness, I do live in a house full of women and I am a male feminist.

We can push all day for gender equality but when you look at broad patterns and trends women prefer the following


Cocktails: Sweet sugary

Beer:  Light perhaps wheaty beers, those flavored beers are awesome

Wine: Sweet


Cocktails: On the Rocks

Beer: Stouts, IPAs and Porters

Wine: Red and robustPreferred Beverage Among U.S. Adult Drinkers -- by Gender and Age, July 2011

Exceptions, yep loads of ’em.  My wife, for example, loves stouts.  I am a closet saisson beer drinker on occasion.  Look around next time you go to the bar or a party though and tell me if you don’t observe the same patterns.  I’m all about gender equality but we do have differences.  Frankly we should celebrate our differences not hide them.  The marketing goons from the big boy brewers do.  I heard from some inside industry sources that Budweiser developed the shape and color (blue) of one of their beer bottles to specifically appeal to women.  The result does indeed look both pretty and appealing.  Likewise, those beer commercials played during football games are certainly tailored for me.

What’s my point here?  It’s simple, if corporate marketing can shamelessly exploit our differences then we should at least admit they exist.  By extension our drinks of choice vary because we as men and women are indeed different.

What do you think?  Feel free to tell me the truth, I don’t have feelings.  After all I am a man.

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4 thoughts on “Time for a Gender Bender”

  1. I think it’s interesting that before we had all of this variety and higher alcohol content beers, that they would market the drinks to women that were sweeter, and also higher in alcohol. While the average beer was 3.2%, wine was higher, wine coolers were higher, and mixed drinks are always higher. Hmmmmm.

  2. I would have to say I agree and totally disagree with your post. When it comes to macro beer and cheap alcohol drinkers then yes women do often drink crappy sweet drinks and men do drink crappy beer. When it comes to the craft market though I will whole heartedly disagree. Women and men that are into flavour and quality drink the exact same beers. Be it IPA’s, sours, stouts we just enjoy good beer. I have more female friends in the craft beer scene in Vancouver than men and they to a women drink big beers over sweet beers. When I worked at a liquor store 12 years ago at a place that did not sell craft beer I saw this sweet trend. Since then it is anything but this.


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