Beer for Wrinkles – The Health Benefits of Drinking Beer Part 1

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Beer for Wrinkles


Roxy Dillon BSc MSc

It started in Japan. One of the managers in a beer factory noticed that the taster had very smooth, unwrinkled skin. That was a single, though very interesting, observation, but now science is almost daily providing evidence that beer contains a whole range of anti-aging compounds, which are able to diminish wrinkles, and produce a whole range of beneficial effects. I shall write about all of them in my posts.


Beer contains three major anti aging ingredients: hops, barley, and yeast. All of these in turn contain extremely potent anti-aging compounds, inclusdng 8-prenylnaringenin, isoxanthohumol, xanthohumol (these come from hops), Epidermal Growth Factor (from barley) and Respiratory Skin Factor (from yeast). Beer also contains good amounts of vitamins, which are also anti-aging.


These compounds add up to a powerful anti-aging beer cocktail! 8-prenynaringenin (8-PN) has been shown to increase skin elasticity, and decrease hyperpigmentation. What does that look like? Smooth, pliable, even-toned skin! Young skin, in other words. Those bags around the eyes? Gone, or diminished. Jowls? Ditto. And beer doesn’t just contain 8-PN – it contains isoxanthohumol and xanthohumol, both of which inhibit elastase, the enzyme that breaks down elastin. Elastin is a structural protein in the skin (and in your muscles, and blood vessels) which gives tissues the ability to stretch, and spring back. As elastin levels decrease, so this vital property of elasticity diminishes, and tissues that are stretched stay stretched, resulting in sagging, varicose veins, and flab. So any compound that increases elastin levels has huge anti-aging potential, and beer is teeming with these compounds.


The yeast in barley is extremely rich in B vitamins, and in a compound named Skin Respiratory Factor, which is why Live Yeast Extract was the magical ingredient in Preparation H (now excluded from the US version) – this compound has amazing skin benefits, decreasing under eye bags and firming up the skin. B vitamins smooth the skin, and diminish redness.

But there’s more: most beers also contain barley, which means that these beers contain Epidermal Growth Factor, a compound that has taken the cosmetics world by the storm, because it rapidly and visibly anti-ages the skin, building up collagen, and making wrinkles and lines disappear. When an EGF serum went on the market in Finland, sales went through the roof. And you have it all in a glass of beer!

Yes, you can use beer externally to make your skin more pliable and smooth. You can also drink good beer on a daily basis – this seems to be particularly beneficial to women who have gone through the menopause and to men in the 55-65 age group. People who are aging, in other words. But all of us can benefit from beer’s magical compounds by adding a glass of great-tasting beer to our daily, healthy diet.


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