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From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

I don’t like shopping.  I think I’d rather go over my old tax returns then walk through a retail store. I say this and yet I go to a lot of beer stores.  I skip out at lunch come home late, whatever it takes to find my special craft beer.   Worse still, I’ve done this so much at a handful of stores that they know me.  “Pretend you don’t recognize me if I come in here with my wife” I tell them.   It’s all fun but it’s also time consuming.  Time is money.

I got to thinking about this concept when I had some buddies over for a beer(s) the other night.  This wasn’t a chugging contest, mind you there was no beer pong.  We did however run out of New Belgium Ranger’s.  What to do?  I’m not driving and drinking (violates Sommbeer Rule #0) and I’m not asking my wife.  My chances of getting my better half to get in her car when I’m yelling from the basement bar pleading her to do so are about – 0.01%.

Why not have the beer delivered to you?

I remember hanging out at my grandparents old house.  It had this small funky metal door on the side of the garage.  They didn’t use it by the time I had arrived but a long time ago their “milk man” would place milk bottles in this little compartment every week.    Milk was delivered back then, why not beer today?


Turns out there are a few services and apps that provide beer and wine delivery.  One of them, DrinkFly is based near me in Chicago.  It is a highly regional service as it entirely dependent on the support of local stores.  From the app, you can browse a liquor store’s inventory with pictures, prices and descriptions.  When you’re ready add the items to your “cart” and checkout.  After you pay, your purchase is delivered to you in less than 60 minutes.




Seems ideal for the planning challenged people like me.


Has anyone tried a Beer delivery app or service?

I might order a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream but really what I really want is a case of Centennial.


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