Beer Brand Bias – Say it Fast

We all have biases.

In Michigan we have lots of Coney Island restaurants with lots of different brands.  I’m convinced the best Coney Island is “National”.  Other folks like to duke it out between two different shops located in downtown Detroit Coney Island Rivals.

When I travel to Ohio, I enjoy their Chili.  It tastes great and is served on top of spaghetti noodles which is kinda weird but good.  To me, the best chili is Sky Line.

I wonder though, can one shop really make a better hotdog than another?  Would I notice a difference if I was blindfolded?  It’s tube steak for goodness sake.  Am I brand biased?

Last week a buddy brought over a porter called Publican Porter from Short’s Brewing.  I’m not a big fan of Short’s products, they seem to have a harsh finish to me.  This porter was nice however and honestly tasted more like a medium bodied stout to me.  Did I detect a harsh finish, I swear I did.


Next we tasted a Southern Tier 2X stout, one of my favs.  Smooth with a lactose laden milky finish, just like I always remembered this ……wait there was just a bit of bitter burn on the finish.  But this was my beer!

Turns out I may have a brand bias.

IMG_20140213_185806_770 IMG_20140213_185817_995I

The beer session ended but we resolved to have a blind taste test with these beers.  This was not over……

Here ya go, try a girl scout thin mint cookie to take off some of the edge.


Check this blog out tomorrow morning, tools and beer do not mix.

I love Solar Lights, no wires = no worries

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